Dragonfly Midwifery program story

Stacey Gibbs

My name is Stacey and I would like to share with you my experience with Dragonfly Midwifery program at Westmead Hospital. I was referred to Dragonfly from Blacktown hospital - because of my high risk pregnancy. Finding out my baby would have Down syndrome and Triple X syndrome was hard for me, but the women from Dragonfly are amazing. They have supported me right through my pregnancy from the day I was contacted up to 6 weeks postnatal.

Tina was my midwife, we instantly clicked and I felt comfortable with her. Tina was on top of my appointments and where I was at with my pregnancy. When I walked into a room I didn't have to say much at my appointments because Tina knew it all lol.

Dr Archie, Dr Bakal, Tina and Mim and the Dragonfly Midwifery team are all amazing. Even on Tina's day off she came to be with me and when I had my c-section, that showed me that they care for their patients and will support you through anything.

All the great support from these wonderful ladies, and knowing my baby would have Down syndrome has inspired me to open my own business to represent my daughter to support others with Indigenous children or with disabilities, and also help our mob (specifically) understand the access and support required to help our people thrive even though we can be different. My website is https://www.marabamba.com.au/ check it out mob it’s deadly.