Raizza-westmead-hospital-experienceMy name is Raizza Laxamana. I was admitted to Westmead Hospital last 6 April 2022 and delivered a live and well-baby boy under the supervision of my lovely and the best midwife, Tresari.

My experience as a first-time mum was terrific because of the assistance of my midwife and being part of the caseload program of Westmead. I am so lucky that Tresari was my midwife. She was incredible with her performance as a midwife. Also, she's very compassionate. She never left us at the time that I had my active labour. My husband and I were so happy to have her.

Also, for the part of labour in the birthing unit, she offered all comforting measures for me. From the:

  • birthing ball
  • walking
  • changing positions to help relieve the contractions of my uterus

Tresari even taught my husband to be involved with the whole process of labour and birth.

I will never forget how she went the extra mile for us because I remember that day, she visited us at home around 12noon since it's my 38th week and she reassured us that everything would be okay. 

At1530hrs, I couldn't cope with the contractions and updated Tresari that the interval became shorter (3-5 mins), and she told us to come to the hospital since I was 4cm when she checked on me for a home visit.  

I delivered our baby at 2239hrs. We're very happy that everything went well. Unfortunately, our baby needs to go to NICU to monitor his oxygen level since it dropped as low as 78% while breastfeeding.

Tresari didn't leave us not until everything was settled. I remember that she went home around 2:00 to 2:230 am, and I think she still had a home visit starting at 09:00 am. She really is very dedicated to her profession. 

Also, everything was explained to us well. Very detailed. Cheers to the caseload program of Westmead, and a big thumbs up to Tresari for doing a great job!