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15.jpgYou may be thinking about becoming pregnant or you may already be pregnant. Either way, this is a very exciting time for you and your family!

At Westmead hospital we understand that every pregnancy is unique and that this is a special time for families. Pregnancy is an amazing experience whether this is your first baby or if you have been pregnant before. During your pregnancy there are many changes happening to your body and the baby growing inside you.

There are several options for care during your pregnancy, including midwifery led care, care with the hospital doctors or your private obstetrician, and shared care with your general practitioner. At your booking in visit the option most suited to your needs will be discussed. We believe you should be actively involved in your pregnancy care and include your partner, support person and family as much as possible.

Take time to enjoy your pregnancy and learn as much as you can about what to expect during pregnancy, labour, birth and breast feeding, as well as what you need to know when you take your baby home.

The fact sheets below provide information about pregnancy care and what to expect during this important stage. Although pregnancy is a natural and healthy time, occasionally problems do occur and we have included fact sheets on these too.

Before falling pregnant

Deciding you would like a baby is an important time in your lives. Even before you start trying for a pregnancy there are many things you need to know and questions you may want to ask. The following fact sheets will help you with information to consider before pregnancy.

Early pregnancy information

Finding out that you are pregnant is wonderful and exciting. You will want to learn as much as you can about what to expect during your pregnancy and birth, and to speak with your pregnancy carers about any concerns and questions you may have. Here are some helpful information sheets for this stage of your pregnancy.

Nutritional and dietary advice during pregnancy

You may find a lot of confusing, and sometimes contradictory, information on what you should, or should not, be eating while you are pregnant. Family and friends may also add to the confusion by giving you personal advice. So, we have provided a few information sheets about diet, vitamins, and supplements during pregnancy which provide up to date information to guide you.

Antenatal care and clinic visits

Throughout your pregnancy you will need to attend the antenatal clinic regularly where your health, and the health of your baby, will be checked. There are a range of pregnancy care options including midwife care, shared GP care and care by the hospital doctors. You and the staff will decide which option is most suitable for you.

For information about booking into the Antenatal Clinic, please visit the Clinic page here.

Pregnancy Information

Discover more helpful topics relevant to pregnancy. To help keep you informed, we have listed some information and factsheets on pregnancy.


Pregnancy problems, complications or infection

Although most pregnancies are not complicated, sometimes there can be health problems which need to be carefully looked after and monitored.

Important information can be found on the Medical Problems in Pregnancy page.

Physiotherapy while pregnant

The hormones of pregnancy, as well as changes in your weight and posture, may cause pain in your joints and limbs. Some conditions are more common while pregnant like carpal tunnel syndrome and pelvic girdle pain. The following are information sheets that have been provided by our physiotherapy department to help you manage these problems. You can call the Physiotherapy Department at Westmead Public Hospital on (02) 8890-6500 for appointments.

Timing of birth

Let’s Talk Timing Video for Women

Vaccinations during pregnancy and for your newborn

Frequently asked questions during pregnancy

You are pregnant and you are powerful. You are bold and you are beautiful. Go forward in your boldness, in your beauty and in your contentedness. Trust your body to birth and know that the collective power of women worldwide will be with you.

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