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Westmead Women's and Newborn Health offer a CPR for baby and child first aid course, which you are invited to attend. CPR Kids run the courses at Westmead Hospital. Fully qualified paediatric registered nurses facilitate the sessions. These sessions run for three hours on a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday from 09:00 am -12:00 pm or 01:00 pm – 04:00 pm. These sessions are interactive, and there are many opportunities to ask questions throughout the day.

We cater to up to 30 people in a session.


We know that what you do in the minutes before medical help arrives will impact the outcome of your child's health. Our classes make you confident to manage an emergency with your child. Over 3 hours, our paediatric nurses share their years of experience with you. The entire class will get the chance to put evidence-based theory into practice on our lifelike baby and child CPR manikins. This means that you know not only what to do but also precisely how to do it because every second counts in an emergency.

Topics covered child cpr

Who will benefit from CPR Kids?

You may be about to become a mother or father for the first time or may already have small children. The CPR Kids sessions aim to answer all your questions and explain any myths you may have heard regarding CPR on babies and children.

Babies and breastfeeding are welcome within all of our CPR kids classes!

Ticket cost:

  • Per person $99.00
  • Per couple $198.00
  • For class dates and bookings, please see our Eventbrite page or email [email protected] 

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