Westmead Amyloidosis Service 

The Westmead Amyloidosis Service provides diagnostic services and clinical guidance for all types of amyloidosis for the state of NSW.

Amyloidosis can be complicated to diagnose and subtype. There are 42 amyloid forming proteins, and many mechanisms by which these proteins go on to form amyloid deposits in the human body. Correct typing is a requirement to correctly prognosticate and treat. Amyloid medicine is uncommon and also constantly evolving. It is difficult for general healthcare services and clinicians to stay up to date and to develop local expertise and services.

An important part of our service model is to provide education and support to other health care services and providers. The goal is to enable the delivery of world’s best medicine to patients locally through their own local healthcare services and specialists. Our service’s support has provided has the support needed to establish other amyloidosis health care services in NSW.

The WAS also contributes to the development of amyloid medicine by conducting clinical and translational research.


Our history

The Westmead Amyloidosis Service was established in 2007 with the support of the Adam Gardiner Fund to provide a one-stop, comprehensive diagnostic and management centre for those suffering from all types of amyloidosis.

The WAS is also a founding amyloidosis centre of the Australian Amyloidosis Network (aan.org.au).


Our clinics

Our clinics include a monthly:

  • multi-disciplinary amyloidosis clinic for all types of amyloidosis
  • cardiac amyloidosis clinic

Our service model is to provide quaternary level advice to enable the delivery of best quality treatment close to home by local health care providers, wherever and whenever possible.

Our main clinical and diagnostic activities include;

  • Amyloidosis typing using a suite of specialised services including amyloid specific cardiac and minor salivary gland biopsy; anatomical pathology typing; genetic testing and imaging (cardiac sonography, cardiac MRI and nuclear scintigraphy)
  • Treatment advice for difficult situations eg relapsed AL, newly diagnosed ATTR, supportive care for multi-organ failure
  • A Cardiac Amyloidosis Clinic for the diagnostic workup and management of cardiac amyloidosis, in particular, cardiac ATTR
  • Caring for cases where a multi-disciplinary service is required eg hereditary amyloidosis with heart and nerve disease
  • Caring for rarer types of amyloidosis eg AA amyloidosis, hereditary amyloidosis
  • Genetic pre-test counselling and care for those with a family history of hereditary amyloidosis
  • Clinical trials


Our research  

Clinical research with a proud history of delivering treatment to patients via landmark studies, including genetic therapy for hereditary ATTR and daratumumab based treatment for AL. Our clinical trials portfolio can be found on the aan.org.au website

Translational research. Or service is linked with the Amyloidosis Laboratory at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research where scientific research focusses on answering important questions in amyloid medicine designed to translate into better outcomes and treatments


WAS Achievements

  • The longest running multidisciplinary amyloidosis clinic in Australia
  • A founding centre of the Australian Amyloidosis Network
  • A genetic laboratory offering Australia’s most comprehensive panel of genetic tests for amyloidosis
  • The only Australian translational research lab dedicated to amyloidosis
  • A proud track record of educating and supporting clinicians and laboratories enabling the development of services across NSW

Our specialists:

  • Contribute to national and international guidelines
  • Perform original research
  • Educate medical students, specialists and medical allied health professionals

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