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Western Sydney Local Health District

Quality & Patient Safety

Central to everything we do at Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) is top-quality healthcare and patient safety. We strive to have the highest quality hospitals and services, and we are dedicated to adhering evidence-based standards of care and ensuring high levels of patient safety.

WSLHD is committed to listening to and involving patients and carers in evaluating its health care services. Complaints, compliments and responses to quality and patient safety are important sources of information to help identify opportunities for improvement in care and service provision.

The Quality Management Systems or QMS supports the WSLHD, its facilities and services to achieve:

  • continuous improvement in patient care
  • compliance with industry standards and; 
  • maintenance of the good relationship we have  with the community that we serve

Quality Management Systems (QMS) are the sum of the activities and information an organisation uses to enable it to better and more consistently deliver products and services that meet and exceed the needs and expectations of its consumers and beneficiaries, more effectively and efficiently, today and in the future.

Combinations of processes are used to ensure that the degree of excellence specified, by integrated reviews and/or standards are achieved through continuous quality improvement.

Ultimately QMS is about creating a “quality” culture across an organisation.

WSLHD Quality Management Systems are committed to achieving continuous quality improvement in client services within a Quality framework, with a supporting Accreditation Plan aimed at sustainable and continuous improvement of all facilities.

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