Tobacco smoking is the most preventable cause of illness and death in Australia. Two in three long term smokers will die from diseases caused by their smoking. 

Our Health Promotion team works to improve the health of people in Western Sydney by reducing the community’s exposure to all forms of tobacco. 

This includes tobacco from smoking cigarettes, waterpipe smoking, chewable forms of tobacco, and other products containing nicotine including e-cigarettes (or what is commonly referred to as ‘vapes’).

We aim to:

  1. Promote the benefits of never taking up smoking or vaping
  2. Prevent harmful exposure by creating smoke- and vapour-free environments
  3. Support people to quit smoking and/or vaping
  4. Improve the ability and capacity of professionals and organisations to address tobacco or e-cigarette use and cessation.


WSLHD Centre for Population Health

Phone (02) 9840 3603

Email [email protected]

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