Healthy Older People

Keeping our older people active, strong and independent 


Healthy Older People

As we grow older it is important to stay active to maintain and improve balance and muscle strength.

Being active helps us to:

  • stay fit
  • do the things you like to do everyday
  • have strong muscles
  • have Good balance
  • move easily

We encourage you to be active and get your vitamin D and calcium for stronger bones.

Get help to get Active & healthy

Over 65 and had a fall or at risk of one?

Talk to us about Stepping On

Over 60 and want to take control of your health?

Try Healthy & Active for Life

Not sure where to start?

Give us a call about our wellbeing programs – the programs are FREE and designed to step you on the path to better health.

Let us help you to choose the best way to get active and get healthy.

Our programs are social and designed for those who need support.

These programs are now also available as online learning. Please contact us to find out more.

Contact us

Don’t delay, give us a call or email and take that first step to better health today.

Contact us today ask to speak to Stephen in the Stepping On team. 02 9840 3603 or 0434 323 098

You can also contact us via email:

Healthy and Active for Life


Healthy & Active is a program for Over 60s who are inactive but motivated to get moving. It is free, supportive community wellbeing program designed to help participants to improve balance, strength and confidence.

Who can attend?

  • aged 60 years and over
  • motivated to improve your wellbeing and get active

The program runs for ten weeks:

  • each session is for two hours
  • one session/week
  • different locations
  • in English

This program is now also available as an online program - online learning modules with option for phone support.


Stepping On Program

Stepping_On_logo-160x74Stepping On is a wellbeing program for Over 65s who have had a fall or are worried about their balance. This is a free, friendly community program is designed to help participants improve their balance, strength and confidence.

Who can attend?

  • aged 65 years and over
  • had a fall in the past year or have a fear of falling
  • living independently
  • able to walk with or without a walking stick
  • not suitable for people with dementia

The program runs for seven weeks:

  • each session is for two hours
  • one session/week
  • follow up session
  • different locations
  • in English and some other languages

This program is now also available as an online group learning program.


Exercise programs in your local area


To find an exercise program for older adults in your area, visit the website

You can also order the “Staying Active And On Your Feet” booklet on the above website. This booklet talks about:

  • balance and strength
  • home safety checklist
  • calcium and vitamin D

Register your interest

For more information on Wellbeing programs, please leave your details here.

For groups and services

The following session is offered to community groups, with senior’s aged 60+ with more than 15 participants who are living independently in the community.

Healthy and Active Information sessions

This session is to encourage seniors to stay well and independent, keep active and to improve balance and strength. This 60 minute session covers:

  • 30 min presentation on staying active as you get older
  • tips for staying healthy as we age
  • calcium and vitamin D
  • suitable physical activity for improving balance and strength
  • demonstration of balance and strength exercises (interactive)
  • learn about programs available to get active and healthy


Handy health tips

Fit and Strong Challenge

This Challenge is for 4 weeks to complete at home and covers 4 activities:

  • Be active for 30 minutes a day
  • Do strength & balance exercises
  • Get vitamin D (sunlight before 10am or after 3pm)
  • Adequate calcium intake

Participants need to complete a short survey pre- and post-challenge.


Stable & Able challenge - 4 moves over 4 weeks

  • FREE challenge
  • 4 simple moves
  • for your Balance & Strength
  • improve your health to live independently at home
  • contact us to receive the challenge pack

Balance & Strength fridge magnet


Like to do some balance and strength exercises at home? Print these off and put on your fridge.

The Balance and Strength Fridge Magnet includes four simple balance and strength exercises:

  • heel raises 
  • half squats 
  • walking sideways,  and 
  • knee lift

Contact us to request a Fridge Magnet, please add your address in the information box.

This exercise sheet is available in the following languages:

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It's never too late to do balance and strength exercises.

If you would like to discuss an opportunity to work together to achieve better health outcomes for people in Western Sydney please contact us below.

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