The WSLHD Multicultural Health Plan 2022-2025 enhances our ability to address the needs of diverse communities in our district with respect to their health, languages and cultures. We aspire to eliminate barriers and provide excellent care for CALD patients, families, and communities. 

Developed with input from various healthcare networks, the Plan outlines local strategies aligned with the NSW Health Plan for Healthy Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities 2019-2023 and the draft NSW Refugee Health Plan 2020-25. These strategies and actions, derived from insights from both clinical and non-clinical professionals, were shaped into the Plan by the WSLHD Multicultural Health Committee. We aim to ensure informed and supported experiences for all, fostering optimal healthcare outcomes.

The main recommendations required to ensure WSLHD is well placed to support and meet the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse patients and populations focus on:

  • Improved safety and cultural responsiveness of care and service
  • Improved communication and health literacy
  • Improved engagement, participation and partnerships
  • Improved data collection on identitites, needs and experiences
  •  Governance, implementation and monitoring

To download the WSLHD Multicultural Health Plan 2022-2025, please click here.