OOSH: The Healthier Way is a free healthy lifestyle program for OOSH services in Western Sydney. The program supports OOSH services with staff professional development opportunities, menu planning, physical activity programming and health policies.


Read the flyer to learn more about OOSH: The Healthier Way and how to register your service.

staff training
Toolkit 1

Instructions on how to register and complete staff professional development. This is free online training based on the Eat Smart, Play Smart manual for all OOSH staff.

toolkit 2 
Toolkit 2

Menu review and physical activity programming support. This document explains how to plan a nutritious well-balanced menu, and how to program a variety of physical activity.

toolkit 3
Toolkit 3

Healthy policy support. This toolkit assists with policy reviews, ensuring certain health elements are included in policies to support healthy habits at your service.

sticker chart
Sticker chart

This is an additional resource you may like to print (using A3 paper) and display. It encourages children to set group health goals to help their OOSH become even healthier!

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