Go4Fun Online is a free 10-week program for families with children aged 7-13 who are above a healthy weight.

The program provides information and support to improve eating and activity habits.

It is a great program for families in NSW who are unable to attend face-to-face.

Go4Fun Online includes:

  • 10 online sessions: learn how to eat healthy and be active as a family
  • Family support: weekly phone, email and SMS support to keep you on track
  • Resources: receive resources in the mail to help you along the way
  • Rewards: earn tokens each week that can be swapped for a prize at the end of the program
  • Online community:  chat to other families doing the program
  • Track your progress: receive a report that shows the changes made during the program

To get in touch with the Go4Fun team, call 1800 780 900 or visit go4funonline.com.au

Click on the article below to hear how western Sydney families loved Go4Fun.


go4fun online

Go4Fun online shows screen time for the whole family can be healthy!


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Happiness is...Healthier lifestyle choices as a family

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