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Symposium: What is going on with Measles?
Friday, 31st May 2019 12pm - 5pm

Lecture Theatre 1, Westmead Education & Conference Centre, Westmead Hospital, Sydney

Program includes:

  • Measles: Public Health Perspectives, Dr Vicky Sheppeard (Communicable Disease Branch, NSW Health)
  • Measles vaccination: what should we know?, Dr Kristine Macartney (National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance)
  • Waning immunity in relation to measles re-infection cases, Ms Suellen Nicholson (Infectious Diseases Serology, VIDRL, Victoria)
  • Clinical management of measles, Dr Philip Britton (The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, NSW)
  • Serology in diagnosis and surveillance, Dr Linda Hueston (CIDMLS, ICPMR, NSW Health Pathology
  • Molecular diagnostics, genotyping/phylogenetics for case tracing, Mr Ian Carter (CIDMLS, ICPMR, NSW Health Pathology)
  • Proficiency testing - WHO measles IgM, Ms Suellen Nicholson (Infectious Diseases Serology, VIDRL, Victoria)
  • Proficiency testing - Measles testing are labs getting it right?, Ms Deane Byers (RCPA QAP, Molecular Infectious Diseases)

You can download the event flyer here:

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