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Sydney Health Partners is a new kind of organisation, with a mission to help translate research into evidence-based healthcare.

As an Australian Government-accredited Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre, we aim to deliver the benefits of research innovation to our patients and communities more quickly and consistently.

Our applied research leads to clinicians doing things differently in their daily work, at every level of healthcare.

We address the challenges that are most important to the health system, remove or reduce the barriers to the adoption of new solutions in clinical settings, and speed up the journey of the great ideas into better health outcomes.

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The Challenge

Australia’s healthcare system faces spiralling rates of chronic and emerging diseases, ageing communities, health disparities, new technologies and rising costs.

While health and medical research can provide solutions to these challenges, relatively little of our world-class research is put to practical use.

Even when it is, the uptake of new interventions is not spontaneous and implementation is sometimes done incompletely, inconsistently and with limited effectiveness.

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The Partnership

Our Partnership is led by the Sydney, Northern Sydney and Western Sydney Local Health Districts, the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (Westmead) and the University of Sydney. Sydney Health Partners is strengthened by ten affiliated independent medical research institutes including the Children’s Medical Research Institute and the Westmead Institute for Medical Research.

Collectively, the members of our Partnership provide healthcare for more than 50% of people across New South Wales and 10% of the Australian population.

We draw strength from this large scale of operation, as well as the leadership of our Local Health Districts and a long history of successful research collaboration between the University and other Partners.

Our Approach

  • Seek to deliver the benefits of research innovation to our patients and communities
  • Research why this doesn’t happen more quickly and consistently
  • Make it easier to collaborate between institutions and disciplines, thereby increasing research scale and impact
  • Address the barriers to adoption of new solutions
  • Demonstrate that new, evidence-based, interventions can be successfully implemented and scaled-up in large and diverse health systems.



Sydney Health Partners welcomes the involvement of clinicians and researchers across all disciplines and at every level of health service delivery. Prominent Western Sydney Local Health District contributors to SHP include: Professors N Wha Cheung, Clara Chow, Tony Cunningham, Jacob George, Peter Hockey, Jon Iredell, Stephen Leeder, Don Nutbeam, Philip O’Connell, Tim Shaw and Angela Webster; and Associate Professor Naren Gunja.

To find out more about Sydney Health Partners’ clinical streams and research themes - and how you can become involved - please click here

Sydney Health Partners' Data Sharing Accord1 makes it easier for researchers to obtain ethics and governance approval to use patient data in their research.


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