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The research office for WSLHD is located in the Research and Education Network Building on the Westmead Campus. The WSLHD Research Office provides services in human research ethics, governance, and animal ethics governance for the District and a number of the affiliated MRIs. The WSLHD Research Office also has representation one day per week at Blacktown Campus.

The office co-ordinates and supports all administrative and regulatory aspects of research at WSLHD assisting with applications for research, providing support to committees and ensuring appropriate ethical review and authorisation is received for research to be conducted.

Significant resources are available for researchers on the ethics and governance WSLHD webpages. These have been developed (and continue to be updated) to provide researchers with a comprehensive resource with as much help as possible to navigate through Ethics and Governance.

The websites include:
  • Information on the Research Approval Processes
  • Guides on how to apply for research and governance authorisations
  • Clinical Trial resources including protocol templates (SPIRIT for Clinical Trials and WSLHD Protocol Guidance Document for Clinical Research, LNR, and QA projects), participant information sheets and consent forms
  • Post approval guidelines and documentation
  • Forms and templates
  • Policy and Guidelines




Research Office

Research Office
Phone: 88909007

Kellie Hansen – Research Office Manager / HREC Executive Officer

Mittal Bhatt – Research Office Admin Officer


Ethics Team

Seema Manoj – Human Research Ethics Officer

Kavita Bhimsaria – Ethics Admin Officer


Governance Team

Azeezat Onipe (Sola) – Research Governance Officer

Pauline Geale – Research Governance Officer

Vincenzina DiProspero (Vin) – Governance Admin Officer




Accellion Secure File Transfer (SFT)

Accellion Secure File Transfer (SFT)
WSLHD employees have access to the Accellion Secure File Transfer (SFT) system.
Accellion Secure File Transfer service provides a means for staff to send and exchange large file attachments securely over the public Internet. The Secure File Transfer service allows for large files to be exchanged with external vendors and third-party email recipients as well as internal recipients of NSW Health and other agencies. There is no limit on file size when sending file thru secure file transfer. With Secure File Transfer sent file is only kept for 14 days and will be deleted automatically by the system. Please visit SARA portal for details regarding the policy on using Secure File Transfer in eHealth


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