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Biomedical Research Support

The Research and Education Network (REN) Laboratories are support by a full time laboratory manager that oversees the research laboratories operations. Researchers are provided with training in Laboratory Safety and Induction, Good Laboratory Practice, Hazardous Chemical safety and handling, OGTR PC2 facility requirements and training on the use of core scientific equipment.


Mr Mark Smith, Research Development Manager

Dr Ying Lei, REN Laboratory Manager
P: 8890 9010


Biomedical Research Support Functions

  • Manage laboratories and service rooms
  • Manage and provide training for core research equipment
  • Establish and maintain research methods
  • Maintain relevant policies and procedures for laboratory functioning including WHS, OGTR and chemical safety
  • Provide orientation and training to staff and students working in laboratories to a level of independence in safety and laboratory scientific instruments and equipment.
  • Education research opportunities



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