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Are you an educator and interested in getting involved in Educational Research and not sure where to start? This series of workshops is designed as an introduction to educational research, guiding you through the process to help you get started.

Workshop series 2019
All sessions held Thursdays 12pm—1pm


8 August

Date Session Title
Recommended Reading Session Resources
8 August Theoretical frameworks, formulating a question & writing a proposal WH: WECC Level 2, Lecture Theatre 3


Johnston J, Bennett D, Kajamaa A. How to… get started with theory in education. The Clinical Teacher. 2018;15(4):294-7.

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Al-Zahrani AM. From passive to active: The impact of the flipped classroom through social learning platforms on higher education students' creative thinking. British Journal of Educational Technology. 2015;46(6):1133-48

7 November

Date Session Title
Recommended Reading Session Resources
7 November Research methodology 2: Quantitative & mixed methods WH: WECC Level 2, Seminar Room 6


Artino AR, La Rochelle JS, Dezee KJ, Gehlbach H. Developing questionnaires for educational research: AMEE Guide No. 87. Medical Teacher. 2014;36(6):463-74

5 December

Date Session Title
Recommended Reading Session Resources
5 December Writing for publication WH: WECC Level 1, Case Study room


Cook DA. Twelve tips for getting your manuscript published. Medical Teacher. 2016;38(1):41-50. 

Lingard L, Watling C. It’s a story, not a study: writing an effective research paper. Academic Medicine. 2016;91(12):e12. 

Recommended reading:
Lingard L. The writer's craft. Perspectives on Medical Education. 2015;4(2):79-80.
(The Writer’s Craft, is the first paper in an excellent series on introducing academic writing in Perspectives in Medical Education)

Bite-size information session on Getting Published

Facilitated by Dr Karen Scott (USYD), Monica Hughes (Westmead Education Hub) & Dr Jennifer Davids (Research & Education Network)
For further information contact: Cecilia Keung



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Finding the Evidence

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