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Delivering education during a pandemic: What we learned and what have we done, examples from Westmead Precinct; Delivering Clinical supervisor training

A mixed method approach, Moodle and virtual classroom; Covid19 Contact Tracing and Case Investigation – F2F & Online; An innovative approach to delivering WSLHD Nursing & Midwifery Orientation during a pandemic; SCHN Nursing GradStart program: including live demonstration of supportive additions - Google classroom and Facebook.



  • Jane Bolster NE WSLHD
  • Dr Jennifer Davids Ed Consultant WSLHD
  • Carrie Alvaro NE WSLHD
  • Jane Bolster NE WSLHD
  • Cyd Quintans NE SCHN
  • Vicki Lilley NE SCHN




You can download the event flyers here.

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