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Western Sydney Local Health District is the fastest growing health district in NSW, delivering care to more than one million people. We are a dynamic organisation experiencing unprecedented growth which is supported by massive infrastructure development, new clinical services, cutting edge technology and exciting career opportunities.


About GradStart

The Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) Nursing and Midwifery GradStart Program offers you the opportunity to be able to work in various WSLHD facilities and support your journey of transition as a Registered Nurse or Midwife.

We hope the journey is enriching, exciting, transforming and meets your expectations and learning and development needs, and creates a strong foundation and platform to launch the rest of your career.

WSLHD currently employs the largest number of GradStart nurses and midwives each year throughout our many individual facilities.

For further information about GradStart 2022, please visit the NSW Health website

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Why is GradStart so important?

Transition nurses and midwives are integral to the maintenance of a skilled and valued workforce now, and in the future. It is important that each transition nurse/midwife has a consistent and positive transition experience that maximises learning opportunities and offers an appropriate level of both clinical and emotional support.

Aims of the GradStart program

The GradStart Program within WSLHD is designed to provide a structured and coordinated approach to clinical practice development, promote a climate conducive to workplace learning and enhance collaboration and communication across the organisation.

WSLHD GradStart 2022 program

12 month GradStart programs are offered at Westmead Hospital, Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals, Auburn Hospital, Our Mental Health Service, and Community services.
These GradStart Programs include:

  • corporate and workplace orientation
  • paid educational support days
  • two six-month supported clinical rotations
  • a wide range of specialties to support career development and future specialisation.

Our GradStart program candidates are supported to:
  • harness and support the ongoing individual learning and development needs of transition nurses and midwives
  • promote a consistent and supportive learning environment across different facilities and clinical areas
  • foster self-directed and lifelong learning skills
  • maintain a documented system of demonstrating clinical competencies.

How does WSLHD support GradStart?

Our program is supported by our senior clinical multidisciplinary staff, unit based clinical nurse educators, a supportive network of nurse educators.

Western Sydney Local Health District Nursing and Midwifery believe that a GradStart Program should strive to promote an environment that is supportive, responsive to individual learner needs and facilitates the consolidation of knowledge, skills and attitudes of the transitional nurse or midwife.


To be eligible for a WSLHD GradStart Program, students MUST apply through the NSW Ministry of Health website: This is the ONLY way to apply for New Graduate GradStart Programs for any hospital in WSLHD.

WSLHD GradStart Handbooks


If you have any enquiries about our programs, please do not hesitate to contact us

Westmead Hospital

Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals

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Auburn Hospital

Integrated and Community Health

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Nursing and Midwifery
2022 GradStart Handbook

Mental Health Services

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Gradstart Mental Health Services 

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