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Room bookings

WSLHD staff, and the University of Sydney staff and students can book meeting rooms in advance using the WECC Information and Booking Form
University of Sydney staff and students should use the University's Central Timetabling system when booking for units of study (exams, educational purposes, etc).
Rooms in the library are prioritised for clinical examinations run by Western Sydney LHD


Lockers are located on the right-hand side of the library entrance. The lockers will automatically release after six hours.

Computers and WiFi


Workstations connected to the hospital network are available for searching the library catalogue, CIAP access, mandatory training, accessing e-learning resources and searching the WSLHD intranet for general information.

University of Sydney Medical, Dental and Bachelor of Oral Health staff and students have access to PCs on the University’s network.


WiFi is available to hospital staff using corporate devices and University of Sydney staff and students. 
Temporary Wifi is available to long-term patients and carers of the hospital. See Library staff for details. 

Photocopying, Printing and Scanning

Multifunctional Devices are available in the Library for photocopying, printing and scanning using staff cards.
A University of Sydney printer is available for University staff and students using SydPay.

Copyright consultant

The Library Manager, Linda Mulheron acts as the advisory consultant for Copyright for the hospital. Staff of the hospital may copy material according to several different sections under the Copyright Act. For details please contact the Library

Allocation of ISBN and ISSN numbers

An ISBN is a unique code of 10 digits assigned to a book or other material when it is first published, or when it is published as a new edition. ISSNs are a similar code (8 digits long) assigned to serials. 
The Library is responsible for the assignment of ISBNs and ISSNs for WSLHD publications and keeping adequate records of those publications. 

Types of materials covered 

ISBNs are allocated to:
  • printed books
  • educational films
  • videos and transparencies
  • books on cassette
  • microform
  • computer software 
  • electronic publications 

ISSNs are allocated to:
  • Newspapers, journals and magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Annual reports
  • Monographs in series may be eligible

Materials not covered:
  • Material that is not to be made available to the general public 
  • Materials that contain less than 75% text
  • Ephemeral printed materials

Legal Deposit 

Under the Copyright Act, 1968 S.201, a copy of each published item must be lodged with the National Library of Australia within one month of publication. 
Legal deposit requirements also insist on copies being lodged with other designated libraries within the state of N.S.W. (Copyright N.S.W. Act 1979-1982 SS 5-7).

Requesting an ISBN or ISSN

To request an ISBN or ISSN number please contact the Library



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