What is the Brighter Beginnings program

NSW Health in partnership with NSW Department of Education and are rolling out free 4-year-old health and development checks in early childhood education and care (ECEC) servicesacross all NSW Health local health districts.

This check will track how a child is growing and developing. Health professionals will check how a child plays, learns, speaks, acts and moves. The checks will also help find what support a child might need before they start school. 
In Western Sydney Local Health District, the Brighter Beginnings Preschool Health and Development Check Service is establishing it’s 4-year-old health and development screening program in partnership with educators, centre directors and managers for implementation in 2024.

What we do

Health professionals will check children's health and development, such as:

1. their listening and talking skills
2. their social skills and behaviour
3. their gross and fine motor skills
4. their learning, thinking and problem-solving skills
5. how their bodies are growing: their vision, hearing, height, weight, and teeth.


Having health professionals regularly check your child's health and development in their early years will also help find what support they might need early – before they start school. The Blue Book has information on the recommended checks for your child. Please note, no vaccinations are given as part of this program.

What to expect as a Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) provider

The WSLHD Brighter Beginnings team will contact your centre to discuss bringing the program into your service. Your centre will also be responsible for distributing information and collecting signed consent forms from families with respect to the program. Educators should also present with children during the checks.

What to expect as a parent/family member of the child

As a parent, you will need to sign the consent form when it arrives to make sure your child gets their free health check. 

After the check, you will get a report with information on how you can keep encouraging your child's growth and development. If your child needs further support, health and preschool staff will help you to seek it.

Contact us

For more information or to participate in the program, please email [email protected] or visit NSW Health website.

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