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Pregnancy is an important and exciting time for you and your partner. Changes in the woman’s body responds to the growing needs of the baby and attending check-ups ensures that your baby is growing well. Preparing for labour, birth and parenting is also just as important.

Understanding the process of birth and the demands of early parenting will enable you to make the right decisions at the right time.

Childbirth and Parenting workshops are a one stop shop to inform you of what you need to know about birth and parenting. Women and their partner or support person attend a group session run by an experienced midwife. You will get inside knowledge about labour and birth and practical tips to help you get through. You will discover the power of breastfeeding and how to attend to baby’s needs in the first few weeks.

The workshop is designed to be hands on and practical for expecting parents. It is interactive with group work, discussion, DVDs and Powerpoint presentations. Your educator will explain the labour and birth process simply so that you can understand what will be happening in your labour and birth, plus how it might proceed. You will receive lots of information that will enable you to make good decisions.


Who will be running the workshops?

Each workshop will be facilitated by a midwife who is accredited and certified in childbirth education. They are highly skilled adult educators who have undertaken extensive training and assessment with the health service.


When will the workshops be available?

The parenting workshops are held on Saturdays.
For times, availability and registration please visit our Eventbrite page.


What will be covered on the day?


Day one:

  • Exercise in late pregnancy
  • Labour and Birth Process
  • Pain Relief Options
  • Unexpected Outcomes

Day two:

  • Breastfeeding workshop
  • Postnatal care
  • Caring for the baby
  • Maternity Unit Tour


Where are the workshops located

Childbirth and Parenting workshops are held in Conference Room 1, Level 5, Auburn Hospital, Hargrave Road, Auburn NSW 2144

For more information visit:


How do I register for the workshops?  

For workshop dates and booking, please register via our Eventbrite page or email us directly

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Contact Us

If you have questions about the workshops and would like to learn more, please contact us via email.

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