Western Sydney Local Health District Health Management Graduate Program


Amelia Burfitt – Operations Manager People & Culture:

The Graduate Program is in my opinion the best opportunity young graduates have to enter the world of health management. Graduates have the benefit of learning from, and working with senior management including mentoring - which is invaluable to your career. Through the unique exposure to multiple areas of operational management, you gain both hands on involvement and high level understanding of the ‘world of health’ that it could otherwise take years to experience. On reflection of my time in the program I have now learnt that you cannot get that kind of experience at the beginning of your health career anywhere else. For graduates who are committed, hardworking and adaptable - it will fast track your understanding, skill development, knowledge and subsequently your management career. I would recommend this path to anyone who wants to become a Senior Health Manager.

Christopher Reece – 1st Year Health Management Trainee:

Since beginning the WSLHD internship at the start of 2019 I have experienced a range of opportunities and learning. My placements with WSLHD have included working in Integrated and Community Health, alongside the Executive Director and moving now to my current placement in the Office of the Chief Executive. So far my HMGP experience has been extremely valuable. As a trainee it feels like WSLHD is investing in me as a future leader. This for me is highlighted with WSLHD supporting a range of additional training courses and attendance to district events. Past trainees working in the district have been extremely friendly and supportive, sharing their experiences and providing tips for the internship. A combination of regular catch ups with supervisors and program supervisors provides interns with the channel to provide regular feedback on their placements, study and experiences. I would highly recommend this program for anyone aspiring to have a career as a health manager.

Joana Andre Garrido – 2nd Year Health Management Trainee:

After completing my undergraduate degree and joining the WSLHD graduate program, I have undergone a transformational journey. The program for me has been extremely beneficial, providing not just insight into the corporate operations of the health system but also giving exposure to the clinical side. I have really enjoyed gaining experience in a range of projects and teams within a dynamic workforce. The supervisor and mentor element of the program has also been invaluable to my development as a future leader and manager in health. Supervisors, being senior executives, provide unique insight and support to trainees during their placements and the program. Both the trainees that I have undertaken this program with and previous trainees have all supported my journey in the program. This program is a great opportunity for anyone looking to begin their career in health management.

Molly Sinclair – Project Officer, Youth Transition Care and WSLHD Youth Council Facilitator Integrated and Community Health:

I commenced the Graduate Health Management Program in 2016 after completing a Social Science degree in 2013 and working as a case manager in the community. I had an interest in the delivery of healthcare and the GHMP offered the opportunity to work in various areas within the organisation, whilst completing further education through the Masters of Health Services Management via UTAS. During the first year of the program I had the opportunity to work in Corporate Services, Health Promotion, Clinical Governance and a General Managers Unit – I would never have had the opportunity to work in these varied areas if it wasn’t for the program and learnt so much in each of them. In my final year I worked as a Service Development Officer in the NSW Refugee Health Service which really solidified my project management skills and allowed me to work on some innovative state-wide projects. All of these placements taught me so much in regards to the many aspects of health care delivery, and the processes in which LHDs operate. Although studying the Masters fulltime whilst working fulltime did have its challenges, the course provided a great balance of practical and theoretical knowledge which complimented my placements.

Since finishing the program I’ve had the opportunity to work in Integrated Care and Community Health which I’m really passionate about. I found that it’s not until you finish the program and commence in a permanent role that you realise how much you’ve learnt during the two years in the program! I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to gain important foundational knowledge of the health care system and begin their career in health management.

John Dillon, Health Management Intern WSLHD:

I grew up in western Sydney so the health and wellbeing of the western Sydney community is a passion of mine. The first year of the internship is about observing and understanding the Western Sydney Local Health District on a strategic level and learning the business of healthcare. The Second year is about taking the initiative and utilising your own skills, passions and learnings to work on self-selected projects and directorates. My first rotation of 2019 was with the Executive Director of Operations. Working in executive operations I learnt and observed how to operationalise strategic vision within the Western Sydney Local Health district. My second and current rotation of 2019 is with the Deputy Director of Finance. Working in finance I have learnt that it is the responsibility of health services managers to manage hospital money, so sick patients do not have to in their time of need.

Grace Navin, Health Management Intern WSLHD:

The Health Management Graduate Program is a challenging opportunity to apply my knowledge and experience to roles within NSW Health I may not have previously considered. I wanted a change from clinical nursing, and the Program has given me the chance to develop my leadership capabilities through invaluable learning experiences – I’ve had the privilege of working closely with the Chief Executive and other Directors of the LHD. Despite health being a complex system, the Program gives you the chance to be part of positive change and influencing quality care that benefits patients.

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