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Concessional parking at Westmead Hospital

How to get to Westmead Hospital

Parking concessions, and the way patients & visitors apply for them, will change from July 1, 2017.

Secure Parking has taken over car parking operations at Westmead and will manage the concessions process moving forward.

Effective immediately, once the application form for concessions has been completed, it should be presented to the Secure Parking office, located behind the Information Desk at the main entrance. Secure Parking will then process the concession.

New parking concessions eligibility and pricing will change from July 1, 2017, in line with NSW Health policy.

These rates are consistent across WSLHD and other health facilities across the state.

Download concessional parking information

How to apply for concessions

The process for applying for parking concessions is:

  1. The patient/carer should complete the application form.
  2. The form must be approved & signed off by a nursing unit manager/department head/social worker.
  3. The patient/carer should then deliver the form to the Secure Parking office (not the Security Department)
  4. The Secure Parking officer will then process the form, either validating the existing parking ticket or replacing it.

NB: This process only applies to wards/clinics who don’t have a localised process for managing concessions (i.e. Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre).

Who is eligible for concessions?

  • Patients/visitors with RMS-issued mobility parking scheme permits/pensioner concession cards/gold veterans’ affairs cards/healthcare cards (NO FORM NEEDED – concessions can be collected from Secure Parking)
  • All ongoing cancer treatment patients
  • Long-term patients and their carers who are required to attend the hospital/facility for treatment for more than one week
  • Patients and their carers attending more than twice a week, including carers of long-term patients who visit frequently
  • Cardiac rehab education and exercise class attendees
  • Daily dressing outpatients
  • Health promotion education class attendees
  • Patients and their carers experiencing financial hardship

NB: a ‘carer’ is defined as a patient’s next of kin.

Concession rates

Duration Concession rate
0 to 3 hours
3+ hours
(one exit only per 24 hours)
3 day ticket
(frequent use allowing multiple entries and exits in a 3 day period)
7 day ticket   $21.70
(frequent use allowing multiple entries and exits in a 7 day period)

For more information

For information on the changes, contact Westmead Hospital corporate services director Mathivanan Sakthivel on 8890 6454 or email