Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine at Westmead Hospital

The Centre for Adolescent and Young Adult Health (CAYAH)

The Centre for Adolescent and Young Adult Health (CAYAH) is located in E Block – Level 2 (Nearest to K Block).

All patients attending CAYAH have complex clinical needs that require the services of a specialist multidisciplinary adolescent team.

The Department of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine provide appointments to patients between the ages of 14years and 9 months to 18 years old. Patients that are diagnosed with co-morbidities can access these services until 25 years of age.

A referral can be provided by a specialist or Doctor for one or more of the following:

  • eating disorders — anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and other eating disorders (For more information please refer to our Eating Disorder Inpatient Program)
  • medically complicated attention and learning disorders
  • other complex problems requiring a multidisciplinary team approach
  • high risk marginalised youth at High Street Youth Health Centre
  • transitional care with Trapeze and the Agency of Clinical Innovation (ACI)
  • gender dysphoria


Referral process for the Adolescent Ambulatory Clinics

For all new referrals, please email to [email protected].

If you do not receive an out of office message or a ‘thank you for your referral’ on our email service within 1 working day, please check the email address and try again.

Referrals are triaged by the department once a week. Kindly allow 2 weeks for turn-around time to complete this triage process.

As the Department of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine is a tertiary health service, a written referral from a general practitioner or medical specialist is required for all new outpatients.

Follow up appointments

To make a follow-up appointment for existing patients of the clinic please email [email protected] and provide full name and date of birth for the patient.

Urgent cases

Patients that require urgent medical attention please present to the closest Emergency Department.

On-call services for other urgent cases are available through Westmead Hospital switchboard (02) 8890 5555 ask for the on-call Doctor for Adolescent Medicine.