The members of the Westmead Executive team support the General Manager to lead, direct, coordinate and control the operations and performance of Westmead Hospital.


General Manager

Rebecca Tyson

B App SC (Occupational Therapy), MBA (Health Management)

Rebecca was appointed as General Manager, Westmead & Auburn Hospitals in May 2020. She joins us from South Eastern Sydney LHD where she has been Acting General Manager of St George Hospital.

Rebecca started her career in NSW Health as an Occupational Therapist over 20 years ago and has since worked in a variety of roles such as Director of Allied Health and Director Corporate Services in South Western Sydney LHD and Operations Director of Medicine, Aged & Extended Care and Cancer Services within South Eastern Sydney LHD.

Rebecca is a transformational leader whose approach is modern, ethical, progressive and focuses on humanity and building resilience to meet organisational challenges. She has a keen interest in governance and ensuring efficiency and effectiveness around models of care that will ensure long term sustainability of health services.

Amanda Green

Deputy General Manager

Amanda Green

Executive Masters of Public Administration

The Deputy General Manager is a member of the Westmead Hospital Executive Team and is required to lead and manage the development, and implementation of strategies, plans, systems and procedures to minimise risk exposure, improve organisational performance and ensure compliance with statutory, industrial requirements and government policy. The Deputy GM will cover the General Managers role during period of leave and is responsible for the management and oversight of several medical and non-medical departments.

Marie Fournaris

Director Allied Health

Marie Fournaris

B App SC (Occupational Therapy)

The Allied Health Director is a member of the executive leadership team and is required to lead and manage the development and implementation of strategies, plans, systems and procedures to minimise risk and improve organisational performance of Allied Health. The Director of Allied Health is responsible for the overall management and coordination of Allied Health services at Westmead and Auburn Hospitals. The position provides the planning and development needs of the Allied Health service from a financial, organisational, clinical, strategic, physical and human resource perspective for the facility and is operationally responsible to the General Manager works in partnership with their counterparts, the Chief Medical Advisor/Director of Medical Services and Director of Nursing to provide overarching clinical leadership, service development and governance of the clinical workforce.

Dr Roslyn Crampton

Director of Medical Services

Dr. Roslyn Crampton

MBBS Hons Fellow Australasian College Emergency Medicine

The Director of Medical Services is a member of the executive leadership team and is responsible for overall clinical services and administration of Medical Heads of Department. The role involves operational, tactical and strategic elements requiring skills in leadership, planning and service development. This position is responsible for financial, organisation, physical and human resource management. The position manages site issues including patient flow, service delivery and contributing to the Clinical Council initiatives; ensuring service delivery and service development are in line with the Clinical Services plan within Westmead Hospital and the Local Health District.

Ros has been a member of the medical staff of Westmead Hospital since her internship in 1979, having served in roles as an Emergency Physician, and in leadership in medical training during these years. Her core goal for Medical Services is to providing compassionate, patient centred care with clinical excellence, guided by the best evidence. The importance of a collaborative and positive workplace with outstanding education and supervision for our junior medical staff is paramount for patient safety, and together with our commitment to research is the key to our future.

Kate Hackett

Director of Nursing and Midwifery Services

Kate Hackett

Bachelor of Nursing (UTS), Post Graduate Certificate in Oncological Nursing (CoN) and a Masters of Health Services Management

The Director of Nursing and Midwifery at Westmead Hospital is a member of the executive leadership team and is responsible for providing professional leadership, management and accountability of nursing and midwifery services across Westmead hospital in collaboration with other facilities within the WSLHD including overseeing the performance of the clinical divisions across the hospital and to play a leadership role within the Clinical Board.

Kate is actively involved in the redevelopment planning for Westmead Hospital and the growing partnership with our Universities. Kate has particular interests in the improvement of health care, including nursing key indicators such as pressure injury prevention, and the provision of comprehensive care to complex patients. She is very proud to be called a nurse and aspires that care provided by the nurses and midwives at Westmead Hospital is of the highest quality and delivered with compassion and respect. Kate spent her formative years in Haematology and Blood and Bone Marrow Transplantation at Royal North Shore Hospital and Westmead Hospital, where she obtained the level of Clinical Nurse Specialist and Nurse Unit Manager.

Preet Perera

Director Finance and Performance

Preet Perera

BCom (Acc & Mgmt), BHSc (Pub Health)

The Director Finance and Performance is a member of the executive leadership team and is responsible for the management of financial resources and budgets. This position aims to achieve the most effective and efficient use of resources allocated to meet management targets and obligations arising from legalisation and government policy. The position is also responsible for the monitoring and analysing of indicators, as outlined in the District’s Performance Agreement and the development of strategies to ensure the Sector is able to meet and improve organisation objectives negotiated with the District and NSW Health.

Preet has been working at WSLHD since July 2013. She brings over ten years of experience in the healthcare sector across both New Zealand and Australia. She has extensive executive and management experience across finance and operations including a track record of leading large scale projects in health care.

Preet has a progressive and pragmatic leadership style with a focus on working with people to achieve collaborative outcomes.

Renata Melan

Director of Corporate Services

Renata Melan

BA App Sc (Health Information Management), MHM (Master of Health Management)

The Director Corporate Services is a member of the executive leadership team and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the support service operations of Westmead Hospital. The position is accountable for ensuring that strategic and business plans that support the objectives of the Hospital are developed for the services that report to the position.

The Director Corporate Services provides leadership and direction to Support Services Departmental Managers to ensure the effective and efficient provision of high quality services. Renata’s responsibility is to ensure that the services have systems, structures, resources and skills to achieve their objectives and change the culture accordingly.

Manager Human Resources

Kristin Adair

MA (Human Resource Management)

Kristin has a wealth of experience in both the public and private sectors, with many years spent as HR Manager and Director in Universities, including Macquarie University, the University of New England and overseas at the University of the South Pacific (Fiji). She has been with Western Sydney Local Health District for over four years now, and joined Westmead Hospital in early 2020, just as COVID was emerging. This means that she had to hit the ground running, and hasn’t stopped since. Kristin loves being part of the Westmead team and thrives on the day-to-day activity and challenges.

Director Quality, Patient Safety & Accreditation

Position is under recruitment

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