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Westmead Centre for Oral Health

Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

The Department of Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is the largest of its type in Australia treating children from birth to 18 years requiring specialist paediatric dental care and specialist orthodontic treatment for children and adults with severe malocculsions or craniofacial malformations.  The Department hosts a large range of specialist multi-disciplinary clinics and provides outreach clinics to rural NSW.  Treatment under local anaesthesia, relative analgesia (nitrous oxide sedation), and general anaesthesia is available.

The department is the centre for specialist trainees in Paediatric Dentistry through the University of Sydney program and also provides teaching to undergraduate students in Dentistry and Oral Health Therapy of Sydney, Newcastle and Charles Sturt Universities. 


(02) 8890 7839


(02) 8890 8306


Level 3, Westmead Centre for Oral Health,

Westmead Hospital

Westmead, NSW 2145

Postal Address:

PO Box 533 Wentworthville NSW 2145



Service Hours:

8am - 5pm Monday to Friday

After-hours paediatric dental emergency services are provided at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Who this service is provided to?

Paediatric Dentistry

All children of school age and below who are NSW residents are eligible for referral to the Department and who meet one or more of the following criteria to be eligible for treatment:

  • Emergency care
  • Complex medical condition
  • Severe chronic medical condition
  • Intellectual, or physical disability or special needs
  • Congenital or acquired malformations of the jaws, face or teeth
  • Orofacial pathology
  • Young children at high caries risk
  • Children over 6 years of age with extreme dental anxiety requiring management under general anaesthesia or sedation


Strict referral guidelines apply to Orthodontics that is provided only to those children and adults with severe malocclusions or craniofacial anomalies. 

Method of referral

Referrals should be sent to the Department either by fax or post.  All referrals are prioritised according to clinical need.  Please include the patient’s Medicare number, date of birth, address, telephone number and medical and dental history in any referral to the Unit.  An appointment will be sent to the patient.

Emergency Treatment

Children who require Emergency care, including trauma, facial infection, haemorrhage or any pathology may contact:

  • The Western Sydney LHD Oral Health Call Centre (02 8890 6766) or
  • In person at the Triage Desk, Level 1 Westmead Centre for Oral Health or
  • The Department directly (02 8890 7450)

After-hours paediatric dental emergency treatment is provided at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead Hospital Emergency Department (02) 8890 0000

Transport, parking, access

Westmead Centre for Oral Health is situated at Westmead Hospital on Darcy Road, Westmead. Cityrail provides rail services to Westmead station and Westbus runs several bus services to and from Westmead Hospital. Direct taxi telephones are provided at the entrance of Westmead Centre for Oral Health. Limited car parking is available for a fee. Wheelchair access is available through the Westmead Centre for Oral Health entrance and the hospital main entrance and via lifts to all levels within the Westmead Centre for Oral Health.


Clinical Staff  
Dr Simrit Malhi 
Head of Department, Paediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics 
Dr Julia Dando  Head of Unit, Orthodontics 
A/Prof Angus Cameron
Staff Specialist, Paediatric Dentistry 
Dr Neeta Prabhu  Staff Specialist, Paediatric Dentistry 
Dr Sherene Alexander  Staff Specialist, Paediatric Dentistry 
Dr Ritu Khanna Staff Specialist, Orthodontics 
Dr Helen Fung  Senior Registrar, Paediatric Dentistry 
Dr Reena Bhatt  Senior Registrar, Paediatric Dentistry 
Dr Jad Clarke  Senior Registrar, Paediatric Dentistry 
Dr Jason Michael  Senior Registrar, Paediatric Dentistry 
Dr Ruth Fairhurst  Senior Registrar, Orthodontics 
Dr Rajiv Ahuja  Senior Registrar, Orthodontics 
Dr Sandra Buchler  Regsitrar, Paediatric Dentistry 
Mrs Sue Clark  Senior Dental Therapist 
Mrs Melissa Crompton  Speech Pathologist 
Ms Sarah Mackay  Dietician 
Support Staff   
Mrs Deborah Puckeridge  Assistant Clinic Coordinator 
Mrs Helen Jeffrey  Assistant Clinic Coordinator 
Ms Aanal Shah Department Secretary 
Mrs Linda Metcaff  General Anaesthetic Waitlist Coordinator 
Visiting Staff 
A/Prof Richard Widmer  Honorary Staff Specialist, Paediatric Dentistry 
Dr Sally Hibbert  Honorary Staff Specialist, Paediatric Dentistry 
Dr Cathryn Vasseleu  Visiting Dental Officer, Orthodontics 
Dr Peter Synnott  Visiting Dental Officer, Orthodontics 
Dr Andrew McNaught  Visiting Dental Officer, Orthodontics  
Dr Eduardo Alcaino  Visiting Dental Officer, Paediatric Dentistry 

Specialist Clinics

Specialist Consultation Clinic  Children with special needs, oral pathology and dental anomalies 
High Caries Clinic  Children at high risk of dental caries 
Trauma Clinic  Children following dento-alveolar and facial trauma 
Hypodontia Clinic  Children with congenital absence of teeth 
Paed Dentistry/Orthodontic Clinic  Combined consultation clinic for children requiring complex interdisciplinary management 
Tongue-Tie Clinic  Infants and children with tongue tie 
Paediatric Oral Medicine Clinic  Children and adolescents with oral pathology 

Rural Specialist Clinics

Orange  Dr Julia Dando
Dr Sherene Alexander
Paediatric Dentistry 
Coffs Harbour  Dr Sally Hibbert  Paediatric Dentistry 
Wagga Wagga  Dr Jad Clarke  Paediatric Dentistry 
Albury  Dr Neeta Prabhu  Paediatric Dentistry