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NSW maternity and neonatal care

We want to give you the best possible care during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. NSW hospitals have levels of care from 1-6 to meet the different needs of mothers and babies. All hospitals are linked to a Level 6 hospital which offers the highest (most complex) level of care.

Our services

We are a Level 6 Maternity Service which means we can care for women and their babies with a range of needs during pregnancy and after birth, including those who require complex medical care.

We are a Level 6 Neonatal Service which means we can look after babies with a range of needs, including those who require complex medical care.

More specialised care

A very small number of women and babies may require specialist medical care from another Level 6 hospital. We have pathways to ensure you and your baby receive the care you need if you need this. We understand it is important for mothers and babies to stay together and be cared for as close to home as possible.

If we need to transfer your care

If our hospital cannot provide the care you and your baby need, we will talk with you about your options. Also, we’ll give you as much time to prepare as possible. You may need to travel to a hospital with higher level care.

We know it can be difficult for your family if you need to move to a hospital further from home. We have services like social work and Aboriginal liaison officers that can help your family organise transport, accommodation and financial help.

We encourage you to ask questions about your individual situation and take the time to consider our recommendations.

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