It was early on in the pregnancy of my third child that I started considering attending a Hypnobirthing course to help me achieve a positive and fear-free birth. While my previous two births were not traumatic, I did birth in fear.Fear of the experience, fear of the unknown and fear instilled in me by others and society. I didn’t want that again.

I was very happy to be offered a spot in the Westmead Midwifery Caseload program.

The Hypnobirthing course I attended with my husband was wonderful. The practitioner was down to earth and super informative. The information was delivered in such a way that it made sense to me that the best place to achieve a positive birth experience was at home.

And so our journey to our homebirth experience began.

Christies-homebirth-story-2Since making the decision to birth our baby at home somewhere in the third trimester, we were assigned a different midwife who specializes in homebirths. Our new caseload midwife , Olivia was simply wonderful.

She was not there to convince us to have a homebirth but to make sure we were well informed so we could make the best decision for us. In the end, it felt right to attempt a homebirth. Home was were I felt safe and supported.

Home was were my children would be able to witness the miracle of birth, the amazing strength and ability of the human body.

The whole labour of baby number 3 went for around 28hours from very beginning (inconsistent and very manageable contractions) to end. I had my Hypnobirthing affirmations playing in the background for the final 12 hours or so.Hubby and I set up the space with candles and essential oils. Before our two children went to bed, they helped inflate and begin to fill up the birthing pool.

Our homebirth experience was pure magic. I birthed without fear (something I was really second guessing I was able to do right up until I was actually doing it). At no point through my labour was I afraid of the next contraction, at no point did I feel that I could not go on any longer or that I wanted out. All feelings and thoughts I remember having with my previous two labors.
Our third child was born in the birthing pool, in our lounge room, surrounded by a group of people who I felt the upmost support from. My husband, a close friend, three midwives (Olivia, Emma and Celia) and our two children. Our two other children (aged almost 5 and 6.5) looked on in awe as their baby brother entered the world. I feel so blessed to have been able to give them this experience.


It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I was fully present in the experience of birthing our third child. I felt my body working with my baby. I knew exactly what was happening within me, I recognized when my breathing changed as I started bearing down to birth our son. I came out of the experience feeling proud of what I had just done. Overwhelmed with empowerment and immense feelings of support and love.

My midwife, Olivia continued to visit me at home daily after our sons birth for about 5 days, and once more at around 10 days. She was a great source of support post partum and helped me with recovery, both physical and emotional.

A massive thank you to everyone involved in offering women continuity of care through their pregnancies and beyond via the Westmead Caseload program. What an amazing program to have been a part of.