My first pregnancy and birth was far from what I had hoped for. Midway through my pregnancy a routine ultrasound uncovered an issue with my baby, which made the remainder of my pregnancy very stressful and traumatic. I was induced at 40 weeks and did not feel supported or listened to at the time, which made an already stressful situation worse.

When I fell pregnant with my second baby I was terrified of the whole process. Fortunately I was lucky enough to be able to be treated by an awesomely caring and understanding caseload midwife named Lynelle. I explained how scared I was and how terrified I was of having ultrasounds and something going wrong again. She listened to me, took the time to reassure me and ensured she would do everything in her power to support me and make this pregnancy a more positive experience. She came to my ultrasounds for support, when I was hospitalised for a possible complication (thankfully it turned out to be a false alarm) she stayed with me until late in the night, she spoke to several specialists for me to get my questions answered, and she called me first thing in the morning to check on me. The entire time I felt safe, supported and cared for.

Lynelle knew that I was really worried about being induced again and when I got to 39 weeks I started to panic about going overdue. She saw me every couple of days to give me regular stretch and sweeps to try and kick start labour. Thankfully I ended up going into labour naturally at 41 weeks. Lynelle met me at the hospital at 3am and I got the water birth I had always wanted. I can’t thank Lynelle enough for everything she did for me throughout my pregnancy and for the weeks following the birth. Having the one midwife that I trusted who knew and respected my wishes made a huge difference to me. I highly recommend the caseload midwifery program!"