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Raizza's Westmead Experience

raizza-1Raizza's experience through Westmead Hospital's caseload midwifery program

My name is Raizza Laxamana, was admitted in Westmead Hospital last 6 April 2022 and delivered a live and well baby boy under the supervision of my lovely and the best midwife, Tresari. My experience as a first time mom was terrific because of the assistance of my midwife, which I am part of the caseload program of Westmead. ..... Read more 


Christie's Homebirth Story

Christies-homebirth-story-1Another homebirth through Westmead Hospital's caseload midwifery program

Our homebirth experience was pure magic. I birthed without fear(something I was really second guessing I was able to do right up until Iwas actually doing it). At no point through my labour was I afraid ofthe next contraction, at no point did I feel that I could not go on any longer or that I wanted out.....Read more 


Anna's birth

Anna and baby (2)

First homebirth through Westmead Hospital

I had the absolute privilege and joy of birthing my third baby through the Westmead Homebirth Service. As a Midwife, I have a great appreciation for birth and the importance of birthing in a place where one feels safe and valued. I have had two previous normal vaginal births through a midwifery group practice birth centre....Read more



  Aimee's Water birth


The entire time I felt safe, supported and cared for!

"My first pregnancy and birth was far from what I had hoped for. So much so that when I became pregnant with my second baby I was terrified of the whole process. Fortunately, I was able to be treated by a caseload midwife who cared for me for the duration of the pregnancy and postpartum period. She was even on call for the delivery! Having the same midwife throughout the pregnancy and birth made all the difference to me....Read more  


Ivy Anne's Birth

Clanfield photo.2.1.jpg

This letter is a year and 2 months overdue...

On the 1st of January 2015, my daughter, Ivy Anne was stillborn, just shy of 21weeks. This was unexpected although we knew she was sick. From the moment we found out our baby girls heart was no longer beating we were cared for. I don't recall much from the exact day except the instructions given to return for induction. Read more



Dad's Story

Family photo of Sluiter family

Our 680 gram premmie miracle...

What does 680 grams look and feel like? Pretty much like a bottle of soft drink that you'd have with your lunch! That bottle of soft drink to us, was called Maxwell, who would call the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Westmead Hospital home for the first months of his life. When you are delivered at 27 weeks, you've missed out on a whole heap of growing time - 3 months of growing time in fact - a third of a normal pregnancy and the part where your last few organs develop fully and you put on the bulk of your weight and length.  Read more....

Our breech birth delivery

chapmans TN.jpg

“Words cannot describe how special our experience at Westmead hospital has been"

I am so thankful for Dr Pesce, Michelle Underwood and all the Doctors and Midwives at Westmead who support the Breech Clinic. Without all of these amazing people, I would have been booked into a Caesarean section at 39 weeks out of fear and a lack of education and experience delivering breech babies at other hospitals.
I was lucky that my caseload midwife from my local hospital was aware of the Westmead Breech Clinic and suggested I contact them after learning our second baby was also breech. Read more...

Our baby had an abdominal wall defect

Courtney Josh and baby Travis TN.jpg

"My journey was a long one, full of worry and stress but the good did eventually outweigh the tough times we experienced as new parents"

I found out I was 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant mid- January 2015. We were so nervous but even more excited! On the 20th of January I had my first ultrasound. My due date was set to be the 7th of September 2015 and everything was looking good.A couple of months later, we decided to have the Nuchal Translucency screening ultrasound. At this ultrasound, our baby was healthy and active. After the ultrasound, they brought in another lady to re-scan me and I started to get really worried. Read more...

Birth story of Millah Eve

Birth story of Millah Eve widget image

"When I think back to the birth of our daughter, it was the most memorable and empowering day of my life thus far."

Being a midwife, I’ve seen many births and I had always wanted a waterbirth. We did Calmbirth classes to help prepare for the labour and birth. I felt like my husband needed to know how to support me during the labour. The day my water broke, I had some contractions but nothing irregular or overly painful. I came into the hospital and got checked out. An induction was booked for the next day as I didn’t go into labour naturally. We arrived at the hospital at 11pm, nervous as hell. However I felt I was well prepared. Read more...

“Niva” Give Up Hope

Priyas story widget image


The reason we have called you back is because your baby’s heart………The simple term is TGA. Prepare yourself, it’s going to be a long few weeks.

My old Grandfather always told us ‘Health is Wealth”. All of us grandkids nodded in agreement but the depth of those words has only recently begun to sink in.I was quickly referred to Obstetrician at Westmead Hospital. After rescanning a very stubborn bub that wouldn’t turn and confirming my baby’s heart anomaly she took us under her wing. Read more...

Dragonfly Midwifery program story

Stacey Gibbs

My name is Stacey and I would like to share with you my experience with Dragonfly Midwifery program at Westmead Hospital. I was referred to Dragonfly from Blacktown hospital - because of my high risk pregnancy. Finding out my baby would have Down syndrome and Triple X syndrome was hard for me, but the women from Dragonfly are amazing. They have supported me right through my pregnancy from the day I was contacted up to 6 weeks postnatal. Read more...