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Introduction for Health Information Fact Sheets

To support your conversations with your doctor, midwife or nurse we have health information fact sheets in the most commonly used languages at Westmead Hospital. These fact sheets have been formally translated and reviewed to ensure they make sense in your language. As part of our commitment to the people of WSLHD we will continue to develop translated health information fact sheets to support your health care with us.

When you come to hospital we have translated health information to assist you with the hospital routines and care. On admission please ask the staff to provide you with translated health information related to your needs. If we do not have the information you need N.S.W. Health provides translated health information on a wide range of health matters. To view these resources see N.S.W. Health Multicultural Resources

Fact sheets

The NSW Health official guide to pregnancy and childbirth 'Having a Baby' - Arabic language version [PDF] (Last updated 25 September 2015)

Your baby's movements and what they mean [This  information is provided by the Australian & New Zealand Stillbirth Alliance]

The breastfeeding book - Arabic language version [PDF]

Pain management in labour - Arabic language version [PDF]

Positions for labour - Arabic language version [PDF]

Signs of a well baby - Arabic language version [PDF]

What to bring to hospital - Arabic language version [PDF]

Hepatitis B and pregnancy - Arabic language version [PDF]

Having a baby by C section - Arabic language version [PDF]

Perineum care - Arabic language version [PDF]

Safe sleeping for babies 

Safe wrapping for newborns

Tummy time for babies 

Save the date to immunise [PDF]

Shaken baby [PDF]

Gestational diabetes Insulin information booklet [PDF]

Midwifery at home-Arabic language version [PDF]


Having a baby in Australia?

Multilingual audio icon This audio file details routine information about the birthing process as well as the practices, procedures and care options for Childbirth in Australia

This audio information is for guidance only and does not replace consultation and advice by your health care provider.