General practitioners are highly valued partners of Westmead Women’s and Newborn Health as we work together to provide the best care for our shared patients. We hope that as we develop this website more fully, it will allow the partnership to become even stronger.

The website contains information we believe GPs will find useful, including

How to refer a Patient to our Pregnancy Clinic

All patients require a fully completed referral. This referral allows us to triage the timing of the woman’s Booking In appointment.

Booking In is:
  • At 12 weeks for uncomplicated pregnancies
  • At 10 weeks, for complicated pregnancies or where the woman is 35 years or older
The referral should be:
  • Emailed (preferred option for pregnancy referrals) to [email protected]
  • It can also be faxed to 8890-5198
  • Only women who live in the local government areas (LGAs) of Parramatta, Holroyd and The Hills are accepted for pregnancy care.
  • You can check whether the woman’s address falls within these LGAs here: ParramattaHolroyd and The Hills [PDF]
  • Out of area women are accepted for pregnancy care only if they or their baby have a condition that requires care at Westmead. If you are uncertain whether your patient is eligible for Westmead care, please email or fax the fully completed referral and then phone the Westmead Women’s Clinic on 8890 6508
  • Out of area women who are privately insured are accepted for pregnancy care if their obstetrician is a consultant on our staff
  • If you believe a woman needs review within 2 days (eg high risk Down syndrome screening, ultrasound suggests a problem, late presentation with a high risk pregnancy etc) please email or fax the fully completed referral and then phone the Westmead Women’s Clinic on 8890 6508

How to refer a Patient with pain and/or bleeding before 20 weeks to our Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic (EPAC)

EPAC is open Monday to Saturday, 08:00 am to 04:30 pm (please note the clinic is closed on Sundays)


The EPAC phone number for patients and GPs is 8890-9193
  • The phone is attended by an answering machine.
  • To make an appointment the woman (or her GP) should ring EPAC and leave the details requested.
  • Messages left during the night are returned soon after 7.30am while day time messages are returned regularly during the day
  • While EPAC sees patients both with appointments and as walk-ins, an appointment generally means a woman spends less time in the clinic waiting to be seen
  • Where possible, GPs should please ensure patients have copies of all relevant blood tests and that they bring all ultrasounds with them (images as well as reports)

How to refer a Patient to our Clinics for Gynaecological care (other than Urogynaecology and Gynae Oncology)

All patients require a Gynaecology Clinic referral form here. This should be:
  • faxed to 8890-5198
  • If preferred, gynaecological referrals can be emailed to Westmead Gynaecology Bookings
  • This referral allows us to triage the timing of the woman’s Gynaecology appointment
All referrals are triaged by a consultant
  • We try to review all patients within 6 – 8 weeks
  • If you believe a woman needs review sooner than that please fax the fully completed referral to 8890-5198 and then phone the Westmead Women’s Clinic on 8890 6508 and ask to speak to the Gynaecology nurse or email through your enquiry to [email protected] between 0900am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday.


How to refer a Patient for Urogynaecological care

  • Please note that the Urogynaecological Service / Pelvic Floor Unit can only see patients with urinary incontinence, prolapse, voiding dysfunction and pelvic floor problems. Patients with general gynaecological issues should be referred to one of the general gynaecology clinics.
  • Many women with minor incontinence and / or prolapse will benefit from pelvic floor muscle training or bladder drill and may not require a specialist referral. Similarly almost all post-menopausal women with pelvic floor dysfunction will require ongoing vaginal oestrogen therapy. Given the huge demand for urogynaecological services, it is extremely helpful if women with less severe problems are managed for several months with such conservative treatment before referral to ensure specialist review is required.
  • Please send your referral to:
    Dr Jenny King and / or Dr Lucy Bates
    FAX (02) 8890-7394
    or mail to 
  • Pelvic Floor Unit
    Level 3, G Block
    Westmead Hospital
    PO Box 533 Wentworthville 2145

  • Appointments are triaged according to the severity and complexity of the patient’s problems, so it is very useful to provide as much information as possible in your referral letter.
  • If you feel a patient may need to be seen quickly or you are uncertain whether the Pelvic Floor Unit can help your patient, please contact the unit secretary on (02) 8890-7668.
  • Referral for urodynamic assessment can only be made by WSLHD specialists

How to refer a Patient to our Gynaecology Oncology services

All appointments for women with suspected gynaecological malignancy can be made by either the GP or patient by contacting the Westmead Centre for Gynaecological Oncology
  • By Phone: (02) 8890-6801 (Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm)
  • In cases of emergency, the on call specialist can be reached through switch on 8890-5555.
  • To ensure your patient is seen quickly, GPs should:
  • Please fax your referral to (02) 8890-8311
  • Also fax any pathology, imaging or operation reports
  • Every attempt is made to see
  • Urgent cases within 2 – 3 days
  • Newly diagnosed cancer patients within 7 days
  • It is important the woman bring the following to her appointment
  • Health Cards:
    • Medicare
    • Pension or Concession Card
    • Details of Private Health Fund
  • Referral Letter – if not already sent
  • All results
    • Blood tests, scans, ultrasounds and X-rays if not already supplied
    • The actual X-ray or scan films, not just the report.



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