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The birth of your baby is an important and exciting life event. Every birth experience is unique, with women and their families having individual needs and expectations.

Whether you have a vaginal or Caesarean birth, staying informed helps you make the best decisions for yourself and your baby. At Westmead Hospital, we understand that you want to be well prepared for this life-changing experience and that you need to have people around you to provide positive support.

What to bring to hospital video

Please take the time to read the fact sheets below. Any questions may be discussed further with your Midwife or Obstetrician.

Preparation for Labour and Birth


These fact sheets help you learn what to expect during labour, as well as exploring options for managing pain during labour. Knowledge and understanding is reassuring.

Vaginal Birth

Being prepared for the birth of your baby and having the opportunity to consider all your options will make you feel more powerful and in control.

Assisted birth

Sometimes you will need help with the birth your baby. The fact sheets here inform you about assisted vaginal delivery and caesarean section.

After your baby's birth

Now that your baby has arrived, find out what to expect by reading more here:

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