Healthy eating suggestions

Quick ideas for meals and snacks:
  • sandwiches or mountain bread filled with lean meat or fish and heaps of salad
  • salad vegetables eg carrots celery, cucumbers with a low fat tzadiki dip
  • a boiled egg on toast
  • baked beans
  • plain yoghurt with 1 cup mixed fresh fruit
  • 100g tuna with mixed salad
  • stir-fried vegetables
  • vegetable soup made with low carbohydrate vegetables
  • smoothie with carrots, celery, fresh beetroot, ginger, yoghurt or skim milk and frozen berries
Limit or avoid takeaway foods if at all possible, or try the following options:
  • vegetable soup stir fry vegetables with chicken or beef
  • grilled fish or chicken with vegetables
  • for more sample meal plans, recipes and tips see the Basics of Healthy Eating.

Note: remember food safety guidelines when eating out.

Healthy meal plans

Healthy recipes on a budget

Please click here if you have any recipes you would like to share.

(recipes to go to dietitians for evaluation prior to being uploaded)