Our service

The Pelvic floor unit (PFU) in the Women’s & Newborn Health Service provides care to women with urinary incontinence (leakage), prolapse and other pelvic floor problems.

Our team

We have specialist doctors, nurses and physiotherapists who are highly trained and experienced in urogynaecology and will work with you to provide an individual care program. As this is a teaching hospital you may also be seen by a trainee doctor prior to one of the specialist urogynaecologists. We also work very closely with our Urology and Colorectal colleagues. However for many women, these problems can be managed by working with a physiotherapist or continence nurse skilled in pelvic floor muscle and bladder training. You can discuss your problems with your local doctor and ask for a referral to one of these clinics. It is helpful if you have done this prior to your appointment.

Treatment Options

Many pelvic floor problems do not require surgery. While you are waiting to see the team, it can be useful to see a Physiotherapist that specialises in pelvic floor health or a Nurse Continence Advisor as this alone may fix some of your symptoms. Your GP can help you with this. The team may organise some tests for you, such as urodynamics, to further investigate your incontinence, or get you to do a bladder diary, prior to any surgery. The team may also discussed with you the use of vaginal oestrogen to help your symptoms, or the use of vaginal pessaries prior to any surgery.

However if you need surgery you will receive a letter from the hospital with your date for surgery and any preadmission tests / appointments you will need. Your length of stay in hospital will be decided by your surgeon and discussed with you before surgery and during your hospital stay. Most of your recovery will occur at home and your hospital stay will be as short as possible. It is important to not do any heavy lifting or straining for 3 months after surgery. Your recovery care will be fully discussed with you before surgery and while in hospital.

Referrals and appointments

You will need a referral from your local doctor or other specialist to attend our service. This referral should be faxed to our office on 02 8890-7394, emailed to [email protected], or it can be sent by mail.

You will need to complete paperwork giving us some of your basic details and return this to our office by email or mail. Please understand, that as this is a highly specialised service, there is a waiting list of eight to twelve months for an appointment in the Pelvic Floor Unit. For this reason we carefully assess every referral and make appointments based on the medical severity of the problem.

An appointment date and time will then be mailed to you. We can also provide a list of other urogynaecologists in the Sydney and Newcastle area if you feel the waiting time is too long for you.

For your first appointment please bring your:

  • Appointment letter
  • Medicare card / DVA card
  • Private Health Fund details
  • Any test results you may have

Discharge home

Please arrange for family or friends to take you home by 10am on the day of discharge. If your family are unable to collect you by 10am, we will move you to the Patient Discharge Unit, on Level 2 of the University Clinics where you can comfortably wait to be collected. A follow up appointment will be sent to you after discharge and this appointment is usually 3 months after your surgery.

Contacting the PFU

The PFU can be contacted Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm (except public holidays) on 8890-7668.

In case of emergency

Should you need urgent medical attention, please go to the Emergency Department at Westmead Hospital or your nearest hospital. If you have recently been discharged from hospital, please take your discharge letter or any other information with you. For anything non-urgent, please contact the Westmead Pelvic Floor unit on (02) 8890-7668 (Monday – Friday 8am-4pm).

Further information

Many pelvic floor problems do not require surgery