We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land the, Darug people. For around 60,000 years the Parramatta area has been occupied by the Barramattagal people, a clan of the Darug people.

Westmead hospitals women’s and newborn health aims to meet the social, emotional and cultural needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and families in the community. We understand that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a strong connection to the land and their traditions and strive to work in partnership with the aboriginal community to provide a culturally sensitive service.

The health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women is affected by a complex range of lifestyle and environmental factors. Holistic approaches, including spirituality, connections to family, community and country, and the sharing of Indigenous women's knowledge, skills and links play an important role in addressing the health burdens experienced by many Indigenous women.

The support we give may include providing access to hospital services, relevant health information and referrals to appropriate services. This can be sought through the Aboriginal Liaison officer (ALO), who can help organise practical assistance when needed.

Aboriginal Liaison Officer (ALO)

An Aboriginal Liaison Officer (ALO) provides advocacy, support and liaison within a hospital setting. They work in partnership with the patient and the multidisciplinary teams to achieve better health outcomes for Aboriginal people and communities. They also play a key role in aiding relationships between Aboriginal patients and other health professionals.

Other functions are:
  • provide care and support
  • provide assistance with accommodation and transport
  • assist in referrals to required services
  • link between community and services in the community
  • take part in the discharge planning from hospital to meet the needs of the women and their families.
  • liaise with interstate and rural services if needed to assist with transfer back to their community.

The ALO can be contacted as requested with staff at your appointment or alternatively through the switch board on 8890-5555 and ask to speak to the Aboriginal Liaison officer.

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Westmead Dragonfly Midwifery

Caseload Care

What is Caseload Care?

Your care will consist of a team of four midwives working together and walking alongside you and your family throughout pregnancy, birth and in the postnatal experience.

Benefits of having a known care provider through the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period allows you to build a comfortable, trusting relationship with your midwife.

We aim to work closely with local Aboriginal Health Services in the area and services within the Westmead Hospital to provide supportive, culturally safe and inclusive care throughout your journey into motherhood.

For more information visit our Dragonfly Midwifery clinic page.

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Westmead Hospital's Women’s and Newborn Health aims to meet the social, emotional and cultural needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and families in the community.