Pre And Postnatal cOllaborative Outpatients SErvice (PAPOOSE)

Papoose-buttonWestmead PAPOOSE is a free maternity service where you will get to know your midwife. Your midwife will care for you during your pregnancy and then at home after your birth.

You will have your pregnancy visits in a comfortable clinic that is close to Westmead Hospital. If you need to have a visit at Westmead Hospital, your midwife will organise it.

The PAPOOSE midwives will work together alongside the medical team to make sure you have the best care when you need it.

PAPOOSE is free to you!



Who can have PAPOOSE?

    This service is for women having their first baby and who are healthy and well. .

Your care

  • You will be able to contact your midwife from 8:00am until 4:30pm each day.
  • If your midwife is away, another PAPOOSE midwife may answer the phone or visit you.
  • During your care, you will learn about what to expect in your pregnancy, labour and after your baby is born.

Your pregnancy

  • During your pregnancy, you will be seen in a clinic which is close to Westmead Hospital.
  • There may be a time you will need to visit Westmead Hospital and your midwife will arrange this.
  • Your midwife will discuss the schedule of visits.

Care during labour and birth

We want to help you to feel prepared for your birth, so your midwife will make sure you have access to all the information and education you need. When you go into labour, we want you feel ready and excited to meet your baby.

You will be given the Birth Unit phone number so you can call the Unit staff during your labour for advice on when to come to Westmead Hospital. You should also phone the Birth Unit if you have any worries.

During your labour, the Birth Unit midwives will care for you. You may also have a student midwife, who you know, be there at your birth (if you wish).

After your baby is born, you may want to go home if everything has gone well and if you and your baby are healthy. Or if you wish to stay in hospital, you will be admitted to the Maternity Ward to recover for a couple of days before going home.

At home after the birth

Your midwife will visit you and your baby at home for up to two weeks after you go home from hospital.

Your General Practitioner (GP) and local child & family health centre will then provide care for you and your baby.

How to book into the program

There are a few different ways to book into the program:

  • Ask your doctor (GP) to write down your interest of the PAPOOSE model when they send the referral letter to the Westmead Hospital Women’s Health Clinic.
  • When the midwife rings you from the Clinic, you can tell her that you would like PAPOOSE care.
  • At any time in your pregnancy, you can ask at your Clinic visits to be a part of the PAPOOSE program.
  • You can refer yourself by completing the Papoose referral form.

Young Mums

Young Mum Papoose Midwifery Service

Young Mum

Contact information

If you are interested in the PAPOOSE program, or have some questions to ask the PAPOOSE midwives, please complete the attached form.

Give your feedback

Feedback from our patients, carers and families is important to us. We use this information to improve patient and carer experience. Please click on the link or scan the QR code to complete this survey.

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