Providing Continuity of Care for Women and Families Identifying as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

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Artwork by M. J. Badagarang (Dharug Artist)

What is Caseload Care?

Your care will consist of a team of four midwives working together and walking alongside you and your family throughout pregnancy, birth and in the postnatal experience.

Benefits of having a known care provider through the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period allows you to build a comfortable, trusting relationship with your midwife.

Pregnancy Check-Ups:

Through pregnancy the midwife will complete your check-ups either in your home, in the hospital or at our clinic near the hospital. These appointments can be scheduled to fit in with your lifestyle.

Your midwife will follow the schedule of visits as set by NSW Health.

At these appointments we will focus on your unique needs and expectations and respect your cultural beliefs. Your plans for birth and the postnatal period will be discussed so that you can make informed choices.

If you are a develop complexities through your pregnancy – the midwife will see you with the Doctor in the hospital clinic.

We collectively understand that history is important and your community and culture play a large role in the health of both you and your baby.

We aim to work closely with local Aboriginal Health Services in the area and services within the Westmead Hospital to provide supportive, culturally safe and inclusive care throughout your journey into motherhood.


Labour and Birthing:

  • You and your midwife will be in contact during early labour and discuss when to come into hospital.
  • Your midwife will provide care and support during labour and birth.
  • If you and your baby are well, you will be discharged home 4 to 6 hours after birth and be followed up by your caseload midwife in the comfort of your own home.
  • If there are any medical indication's to remain in hospital, you will be admitted to the maternity ward where you will be cared for by the hospital midwives.

Westmead Dragonfly Caseload midwives



After baby arrives:

  • Your midwife will visit you and your baby at home following your discharge from the hospital. She will be available to support you and your new family for 2-6 weeks following birth.
  • After this time your midwife will refer you and your baby to your local child and family health centre or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mums and Bubs program
  • If you would like to be a part of our Caseload family for ongoing care through this pregnancy. Please feel free to contact us during business hours to enquire


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Aboriginal Health Practitioner

Miriam Maloinato

Yaama, my name is Miriam Maloinato and I am a proud Ngiyampaa/Wiradjuri woman.

I am the Aboriginal health practitioner for the Dragon Fly Midwifery program as well as all of Women’s & Newborn health for the WSLHD based at Westmead hospital.

I help our mums, bubs and dads who identify as Aboriginal that come through our wonderful program and hospital.

I have worked in a similar role for a few years now which has led me to gain the qualification I have today to be able to help our Dragon Fly/Non Dragon Fly families in the best way possible as well as having the life experience being a proud Indigenous woman my whole life.

My role as an Aboriginal Health Practitioner is much more than a fancy name to another clinical role within the hospital.

To community I am the gap that helps bring our women closer to their babies and successfully obtain care through ante-natal support, neo-natal support, transport, Drs appointments at our off site Dragon Fly clinic, post-natal support, liaising and advocating for you at all your appointments and also helping with housing issues whether it be temporary accommodation or permanent accommodation in any way that I can.

I love to help with your connection back to country in any and every way you need me to and I also can help to make you pregnancy experience a happy, joyful and a culturally safe space also through belly-casting, painting, cooking and other fun activities for yourself and your whole family to come and enjoy as well as ensuring your needs and voice are heard and met to your satisfaction.

I work from Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM, you can either reach me via:
Phone: 0419 740 427

Contact Details

Phone: 9845 9129
Fax: 8890 7851

Your GP will refer you to the antenatal clinic noting that you would like to be part of the program or please call directly to the Caseload Midwifery Office.

A midwife will contact you to discuss the practice and answer any questions you may have.

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