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About Us

The Perinatal Advice Referral and Liaison Service (PEARLS) provides both advice and referrals for pregnant women experiencing a complicated pregnancy. Sometimes women have a medical condition which requires our expert care and at other times it is the unborn baby that requires our expert care. We understand experiencing a complicated pregnancy can be a stressful and challenging time and our PEARLS team will assist you by coordinating the services that will support you and your baby’s health. PEARLS will receive a referral from your health care provider.

Our service to you

Our expert team of specialist midwives, nurses, doctors and surgeons work together to ensure you and your baby receive the best care. The PEARLS are a team of experienced midwives and nurses who will care for you when:
  • your baby requires surgery soon after birth
  • your baby needs a planned admission to Neonatal Intensive Care
  • you have a major medical condition
  • you have a complex pregnancy
  • you need additional specialist support through your pregnancy and childbirth


cid_626a.jpegPEARLS Midwifery Care

In your pregnancy, your PEARLS midwife will provide you a direct mobile phone number to contact for:


Babies and surgery at the Children’s Hospital

Once your baby is born at Westmead Hospital and needs surgery in the first few weeks of life, care will be shared with the Grace Centre for Newborn Intensive Care at the Children’s Hospital Westmead.

The PEARLS team meet with Maternal and Fetal Medicine Specialists, Neonatal Intensive Care doctors and surgeons, to plan the care for your baby’s birth, and transfer to the Children’s Hospital Westmead. A mobile intensive care unit will be ready at your birth and to move your baby around the two specialist hospitals.

Learn about other families' experiences having a:


Patient stories

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The PEARLS team will assist you by coordinating the services
that will support you and your baby’s health.