About Us

EPAC is an outpatient facility for women under 20 weeks of pregnancy who are experiencing vaginal bleeding and / or lower abdominal pain or have a blighted ovum proven on ultrasound.

If you are having heavy vaginal bleeding (soaking a pad or more an hour) or have severe lower abdominal pain please present immediately to your nearest hospital emergency department or phone 000 for an ambulance.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Services are available at most public hospitals in NSW, you can contact your local public hospital for information on the early pregnancy assessment services in your area.

Our midwives will provide assessment, management and referral to specialist doctors for women experiencing a possible miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Following referral by your GP we can provide Anti-D injections after a miscarriage if you are a RH negative blood group.

We understand how important a pregnancy is and that the uncertainty associated with pain and bleeding is emotionally demanding. Unfortunately we cannot prevent a miscarriage but we will offer medical and emotional support for women experiencing a threatened miscarriage or unsuccessful pregnancy. If your pregnancy continues we will refer you to the most appropriate care service for your needs.


Please note that EPAC is an appointment only clinic for women, who are located within the catchment area.

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When to see your GP

For all other problems in early pregnancy you will need to see your General Practitioner (GP) who can refer you to further specialist care if needed. For urgent care you can present to the hospital emergency department. To arrange a routine pregnancy dating scan you will need to see your GP.


EPAC is located in the Women’s Health Clinic via entrance 4, G Block on level 2 .
Hours of Operation (open 365 days a year)
Appointment only service Monday to Saturday 8:00am to 4:00pm


Your GP can refer you to the EPAC or you can ring us directly on 8890-9193.

You need to leave a CLEAR message on the voicemail.

Please leave a detailed message and state your name, contact phone numbers and medical record number (MRN) if known.

You will be contacted within 24 hours to discuss a management plan and arrange an appointment.

Your appointment

Please bring to your appointment:


  • Valid Medicare card
  • copy of any blood results taken in the pregnancy
  • copy of recent blood group and antibodies for Anti–D injection if Rh Negative blood group
  • ultrasound reports taken in the pregnancy
  • any other health information
  • current medications being taken

A Medical Summary on the care provided to you in EPAC will be sent to your GP.

Your EPAC midwife will take a medical and obstetric history, review and order any further blood tests or ultrasound scans. It is important that you bring with you any ultrasounds and/or blood test results that relate to this pregnancy.

Ultrasound is usually attended outside the hospital at private ultrasound facilities.

Options for management of care will be discussed with you and your support person. If you would like time to think about these options you can return at a later time to confirm your choice for management.

Very few women that attend EPAC need admission to hospital. At your visit the Midwife will ask for contact details so that after you go home they can give you test results or discuss your treatment plan.

The EPAC midwives will continue contacting you until your care is complete or you are referred to a Doctors clinic in the Women’s Health Clinics.

If an interpreter is required, please notify the midwife.

Fact Sheets


Unfortunately we cannot prevent a miscarriage but we will offer medical and emotional support for women experiencing a threatened miscarriage or unsuccessful pregnancy