The Women’s Health Physiotherapy team are passionate about providing the best possible care for women and newborns at Westmead Hospital. Physiotherapy treatment focuses on maintaining and restoring normal function, minimising problems with pelvic floor muscle function, preventing disability and improving quality of life. We work together with the doctors, midwives and nurses to provide the best care for women and newborns.

Inpatient Services

Physiotherapy Inpatient services are provided to:
  • Postnatal women on the Maternity Ward who are seen individually and in groups
  • Postoperative (after surgery) women on the Women’s Health Ward
  • Babies on the Maternity Ward and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Your doctor, midwife or nurse will talk with you about the benefits of physiotherapy and can send a referral for you to be seen while in hospital.

Our services are available Monday to Friday between 8:00am to 4:30pm except public holidays. When clinically needed we can provide an after-hours physiotherapist.

Postnatal Exercises

Postnatal exercise classes are designed for women in the first week following childbirth and aim to provide education on a range of topics including back care, pelvic floor muscle recovery and general exercise advice. For those who are able, the class involves gentle floor exercises for core muscle strengthening.

  • These classes are held Monday to Friday every week of the year from 9:30am to 10:30am, but not on public holidays.
  • Sessions are held in the G Block level 4 Education Room, outside the Maternity Ward. We suggest you organise someone to care for your baby while you attend the class so you can fully participate.
  • This class may be cancelled at short notice due to staffing issues. If you are an outpatient but have been recommended to attend this class,we advise you call the Maternity Ward on 8890-6161 the morning of your scheduled class to confirm it will be held.
  • Outpatient Services

    Physiotherapy Outpatients services are provided to:

    • Women with problems of the pelvic floor muscle and incontinence.
    • Women with pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain and lower back pain
    • Pregnant and postnatal women requiring hydrotherapy (water therapy)

    All patients require a referral for outpatient physiotherapy services and must be over 15 years of age with a Medicare card. If you do not have a Medicare card (e.g. overseas visitor), a fee will be charged.

    If you live outside the Hills, Holroyd or Parramatta local government areas (LGAs) and there is no suitable provider in your area, we can only accept these referrals:

    • Hydrotherapy classes
    • Pelvic floor muscle problems or continence training

    Pregnancy related physiotherapy

    Pregnancy related physiotherapy involves musculoskeletal physiotherapy for pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain and lower back pain.

    This service is available for pregnant women in the WSLHD by referral of a midwife or doctor. All referrals will be assessed for urgency and suitability for physiotherapy.

    Continence and Pelvic Floor muscle dysfunction physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy is provided on an individual basis for women with incontinence and problems with pelvic floor muscle function (dysfunction).

    You require a medical referral for this service. Referrals are triaged for urgency and women are offered appointments as they become available. There is a waiting list for this service. The Physiotherapy department will phone you with an appointment and a letter will be sent to confirm the appointment.

    Continence Education Sessions

    Continence education sessions are conducted by a continence physiotherapist and dietitian and aim to increase your understanding of continence and pelvic floor muscle problems.

    These sessions are held every second month on a Thursday from 1:30pm to 3:30pm in the Westmead Education Centre on level 2.

    Attendance is by referral from your doctor to Physiotherapy for continence management & pelvic floor muscle problems. All referrals are assessed by a physiotherapist to make sure you will benefit from attendance at the session. You will be contacted with an appointment for a session.

    Hydrotherapy Exercise Classes for new mums and mums–to-be

    These classes are best suited to women experiencing pelvic girdle pain and core muscle weakness.

    Please see our 2024 hydrotherapy class schedule

  • Classes are for pregnant women from 16 weeks gestation until birth and for new mothers from 6 weeks after the birth of your baby for 6 sessions.
  • You will need a referral letter and a medical clearance form signed by your doctor. Once the referral is received you will be put onto the waiting list and contacted when a class is available. If you are unable to attend the class please phone us.
  • For bookings and enquiries, ring Therapy Reception: 8890-6500, 8am – 4:30pm.
  • We suggest you organise someone to care for your baby while you attend the class so you can fully participate.
  • This class may be cancelled at short notice due to staffing issues. If you are an outpatient but have been recommended to attend this class we advise you phone the Maternity Ward in the morning to confirm the class will be held. Phone 8890-6161.

    What to do if you are unable to attend an appointment

    All outpatient physiotherapy services have a high demand. If you cannot attend an appointment, please advise us immediately to re-book for another time via Reception on 8890-6500. You can leave a message if you call this number out-of-hours and we will call you back in business hours to arrange a new appointment time.

    If you do not attend your appointment and you have not advised the Physiotherapy department, we may discharge you from our service and notify your referring doctor.


    Referral forms can be submitted via fax to 8890-7102

    or posted to:
    Physiotherapy Department
    Westmead Hospital

    E Block, Level 1
    PO Box 533
    Wentworthville NSW 2145

    All patients require a referral for outpatient physiotherapy services