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The Maternity Liaison Officer (MLO) supports women and families from culturally & linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. The maternity liaison during your pregnancy, labour and birth, provides individual education and support for women. The MLO works with a team of midwives, doctors and other health providers to ensure that the care planned for you meets your needs. The MLO will provide you with information on what services are available to you and how to access these services.

The health and social needs of all CALD families are important to us. We promote awareness within Westmead Hospital and the Western Sydney Local Health District. 

We work with Community organisations such as:

  • The Community Migrant Resource Centre
  • Cumberland Women’s Health Centre
  • Mental Health Association NSW
  • NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service
  • Christian Community Aid

Your Maternity Liaison Officer:

How to meet a Maternity Liaison Officer

The Maternity Liasion Officer is available to see any woman from a CALD background who has attended the Women’s Health Clinic (WHC) for pregnancy care. Your midwife can refer you. The MLO will be notified by the clinic if you are having a baby for the first time in Australia. You can request staff at anytime in Women’s & Newborn Health (WNH) to refer you to an MLO during your visit. Referrals can also be made via Safe Start, PEARLS and PAPOOSE midwives/programs.

Where are they located?

The Maternity Liaison Officer is located in the Women's Health Clinic of the Women's & Newborn Health Services and are located on Level 2, Entrance 4 Westmead Hospital.

Contacting a MLO

The Maternity Liasion Officer (MLO) can be contacted on 02 8890-6153 Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) from 7:30am to 4pm. Our MLO can speak English and Tagalog. If you need a phone interpreter in order to speak to the MLO, please contact the Telephone Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131450.

Childbirth & Parenting Classes

We encourage all pregnant women birthing for the first time in Australia to attend the Childbirth & Parenting classes offered in the Westmead Women's & Newborn Health Service.

For CALD women, we provide childbirth & parenting classes:
  • Mandarin Classes (see our Childbirth and Parenting Education page)
  • Our MOMS (Mothers of Many Societies) program is a 9 week program after the baby is born. The MOMs program aims to make the motherhood journey easier and more enjoyable through education and social networking.
This is offered at:
  • Parramatta Community Health Centre on Tuesdays 10am to 12noon.
  • To book into the MOMs program call the MLO on 8890-6153 or ask for the MLO to be paged by calling switch on 8890-5555 Monday to Friday 0730am to 4pm.

Appointments with the MLO

Once you have meet with the MLO to discuss your pregnancy and parenting education needs, a plan of follow up will be made with you. The program of follow up is usually at your 28, 36 and 40 week pregnancy appointments. We encourage you to attend the Childbirth & Parenting classes as you will learn more and meet other women in your community.