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Birth and Parenting EducationExpecting a baby is one of the most wonderful and challenging events in the journey of life. Birth can be unpredictable however when you are both well prepared with knowledge, techniques and good support then you are giving yourself and your baby the best opportunity for an optimal birth experience and feel less overwhelmed.

Education has the potential and power to transform. The Childbirth and Parenting Educators at Westmead Hospitals are a team of highly trained and experienced midwives and physiotherapists. Each educator passionately believes that preparing for the birth of a baby is essential to enable the best possible birth experience. A positive birth experience sets new parents up for positive parenting. This helps them to feel more confident in their new roles.

At Westmead Hospital we provide a variety of programs to meet the individual needs of expectant parents. We encourage all pregnant women to attend with their partners and/or a chosen birth companion.

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