Positive Birth and Parenting Workshop weekend

Positive Birth and Parenting Workshop consists of two sessions held on consecutive Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Each session runs for six hours, and includes a lunch break. The program consists of content that will assist you in your journey as new parents. If you attend this program you are entitled to attend the Positive Breastfeeding Workshop free. This interactive course will be presented face to face in the education block at Westmead Hospital. You do have the option to attend this course online through Zoom from home. However we encourage you to attend face to face to get most out of the program.

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Positive Birth and Parenting Course

First time parents-to-be benefit enormously from these classes, as there is plenty of time to interact and discuss a range of topics from labour and birth. A great refresher class if you’ve had a baby before.

Topics include the following:

  • Mind and body working together
  • Labouring at home and when to come to hospital
  • Positions for labour and birth – being active
  • Birth with confidence
  • Evidence based Techniques for labour and birth
    • Acupressure
    • Massage
    • Breathing and relaxation
  • Virtual Tour of the Birth Unit
  • Unexpected outcomes
  • Calming an unsettled baby
  • Communicating with your baby
  • Parenting issues – including postnatal depression, returning to work, roles and identities
  • And more!!


$210.00 for women birthing at Westmead Public Hospital
$340.00 for women birthing somewhere else

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For further information email:WSLHD-westmead-parentingeducation@health.nsw.gov.au