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Positive Birth and Parenting Workshop (ONLINE only)

This interactive workshop will be presented by Zoom from the comfort of your own home. The Positive Birth and Parenting Workshop consist of six sessions held online on a Wednesday or Thursday evening for six weeks. Each class runs for 2 hours 15 minutes, 6:45 pm – 9:00 pm and includes a supper break. First-time parents-to-be, benefit enormously from these classes as there is plenty of time to interact and discuss a range of topics from labour and birth to breastfeeding and parenting. 

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Topics include the following:

  • How labour starts
  • Labouring at home and when to come to the hospital
  • Positions for labour and birth – being active
  • Normal birth
  • Techniques for labour and birth
  • Acupressure
  • Massage
  • Breathing and relaxation
  • Tour of the Birth Unit
  • Birth requiring medical assistance/li>
  • Breastfeeding
  • Calming an unsettled baby
  • Communicating with your baby
  • Parenting issues – including postnatal depression, returning to work, roles and identities.
  • And more!!


$210.00 for women birthing at Westmead Public Hospital
$340.00 for women birthing somewhere else

Bookings Essential: One ticket for two people
Enquiries email  [email protected]

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