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Positive Parenting Workshop (ONLINE Only)

This interactive workshop will be presented by Zoom from the comfort of your own home. ‘Positive Parenting Workshop Online’ consists of two sessions held on consecutive weeks. The workshop is held on Friday nights (7:00pm to 9:00 pm) and Saturday afternoons (1:00pm to 3:00pm). Each session runs for two hours for women and their partners.

Over the four hours you will develop skills you need to bring your baby home and parent successfully. This pre-birth workshop explores the reality of parenting and it is recommended that you attend this course from approximately 28 weeks of pregnancy. This workshop provides information on understanding your baby’s needs, settling techniques, home safety and equipment, handling and care of baby, and becoming a family. If this is your first baby we strongly recommend that you also attend Positive Birth Workshop and the Positive Breastfeeding Workshop. If you are planning a caesarean birth this workshop is ideal for you.

Topics include but not limited to:

  • Calming an unsettled baby
  • Communicating with your baby
  • Parenting issues – including postnatal depression, returning to work, roles and identities
  • And more!!


$70.00 for women birthing at Westmead Public Hospital
$115.00 for women birthing somewhere else

Bookings Essential: 1 ticket per couple
For class dates and bookings please see our Eventbrite page
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