This interactive course will be presented face to face in the education block at Westmead Hospital.

互动课程将会在Westmead 医院教学区面对面地进行。

You do have the option to attend this course online through Zoom from home. However we encourage you to attend face to face to get most out of the program.

你也可以选择通过在家进行Zoom 线上视频来参与课程。但我们强烈鼓励面对面的学习从而得到最大化的收获。

This program is designed to meet the learning needs of women and their partners who speak Mandarin. The program explores western birth and parenting practices and procedures used at Westmead hospital. You must be birthing your baby at Westmead Public Hospital to receive a discounted fee. All women booked to birth their baby at another hospital must pay the full fee. When completing the booking please enter the details of the pregnant woman only. The series are culturally sensitive and facilitated by a midwife, fluent in Mandarin who is also a new migrant mother and Certified Childbirth Educator.

个学班的目的在于满足说中文的孕妇和她伴侣对于生儿育女知识方面学习的需求。 该课程主要讲述Westmead 医院对于生产分娩和养育孩子所给的建议和常规医院操作流程。如果你将在Westmead 医院生下你的宝宝,那你将享受医院提供的折扣报名费价格。如果孕妇将是在其他医院定点分娩, 那就需要全额付款。当完成报名时请只填写孕妇相关信息。 整个课程将由具有相似文化背景和教学经验的中文助产士来讲授。

The program is run on Friday evenings 6:45 pm to 09:00 pm for 6 weeks or Sundays from 09:00 am to 03:00 pm for two weeks.

该课程可选:连续六周的每周五晚上18:45hrs 21:00hrs 或者 连续二周的每周日从上午09:00hrs 到下午15:00hrs

BOOK Mandarin speaking WORKSHOP 

Topics include :


  • Mind and body working together 如何心理和身体互相配合
  • Labouring at home and when to come to hospital 分娩早期段在家如何适以及什么候可以去医院
  • Positions for labour and birth – being active 分娩的位置起来
  • Birth with confidence 分娩提高自信心
  • Evidence based Techniques for labour and birth 被医学研究证实的一些有利于生产分娩的技巧方法
    • Acupressure 穴位按
    • Massage 按摩
    • Breathing and relaxation 呼吸和放松
  • Virtual Tour of the Birth Unit 影像式产房参观
  • Special circumstances: Medicine as back up 特殊情况: 以防万一。
  • Calming an unsettled baby 的宝宝
  • Communicating with your baby 与宝宝行交流
  • Parenting issues – including postnatal depression, returning to work, roles and identities 养育照宝宝的一些问题包括郁症, 回去上班, 社会角色的转变
  • And more!! 以及其他相关问题

Cost 用:$210.00 for women birthing at Westmead Hospital Westmead 医院定点分娩的孕
Cost 用:$340.00 for women who are birthing elsewhere 针对在其他医院定点分娩的孕
Bookings Essential: 1 ticket for two people 预约需知: 二个参与人只需票。

For class dates and bookings please see our时间预约方式, 请浏览 Eventbrite page 或者

or email [email protected]