General Questions

Why is there a fee for the courses?

Educators are required to run these classes. Our educators are paid on a sessional basis and we are required to cover our costs of providing experienced educators.

Can I claim on Medicare for these classes or will a private fund cover me?

No, you cannot claim on Medicare. However, most private health funds will offer some form of rebate.

Can I claim a rebate from my private health fund?

To claim a rebate you require an itemised certificate of attendance. Please email and request this be sent to you.

Do I bring my partner along to all the classes with me?

Yes partners are welcomed and encouraged to attend (except the Pregnancy and Back Care class which is for women only).

If the recommendation is to book from 12 weeks, but the brochure says attend from 26 weeks, should I then wait to book?

No, it is better to book early - to ensure your preferred program.

What if I am booking in later than your recommendation?

These are merely a guideline, but your choices will be limited and your preferred class may be full.

I can't now do the dates that we booked for the classes, can I change them?

Yes, subject to availability. Go to the ‘tickets’ page of your Eventbrite account. Select your order and then click on “transfer”. You can then choose “change event” to transfer to. A list of classes will come on a drop down list.

If I send an email request for a class does that guarantee me a place?

No, a series/workshop needs to be confirmed with you and then we must receive payment receipt number to confirm your place.

Exercise and Back Care in Pregnancy

Is it necessary to do this class?

The information provided in this class is relevant throughout your pregnancy and beyond. It covers changes to your body during pregnancy, minor discomforts and includes information on back and pelvic pain. It is great for anyone wanting to know how to ease your aches and pains and keep fit and healthy in pregnancy.

Do I bring my partner along to this class?

No this is a women’s only class as it involves floor exercise and discussion regarding personal discomforts.

Having a Baby: Evening Series

We can't make the first one and we may miss another, can we make it up in another class?

The classes are staggered and, if possible, we will try to accommodate you.

If we don't attend all six sessions, do we get a refund for classes not attended? 


Breastfeeding Workshop

Do I bring my partner along to the breastfeeding workshop? 

Partners or other support people are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Do I need to book or do I just turn up?

All attendees need to book into a class on the Eventbrite site.

What is involved in the Breastfeeding Workshop and how many times do I need to attend? 

The class is designed to give families information on normal breastfeeding, reasons for choosing breastfeeding and how to avoid problems with feeding. It is a one-off class.

At what stage of pregnancy should we attend the Breastfeeding Class? 

We suggest that you attend in the last two months of your pregnancy.