the logo for WNH


The beautiful logo of Women’s and Newborn Health is inspired by three key visual elements. Three important parts have provided direction to the development of this logo:


The inspiration behind the WNH logo
  1. Our History
    Within the symbolism of Aboriginal people, the hand drawn symbol of a circle represents the symbol of ‘child’.
  2. Our Growth
    Seeds from the centre of a flower replicate our inspiration for growth and development.
  3. Our Future
    The tiny detail of a single cell and its ability to multiply, divide and grow new life provides inspiration. Women’s and Newborn Health cares for over 5,500 thousand birthing women each year. Working in partnership with women and families is our focus and our future.


The Colours

The vibrant yellow within our logo is inspired by the local wattle tree named Acacia Parramattensis (Parramatta Wattle). A significant tree for local Aboriginal people and part of their history. The colour orange is associated with gynaecological oncology. The colour purple is the traditional colour for midwives. Together these colours form the basis of our logo, of which we are very proud.