What is REACH?

REACH is a communication process which will help you share your concerns about your baby. We want you to let us know if you have a serious concern about your baby's condition or notice a worrying change.

How reach works - what to do

  • You may Recognise a worrying change or have a serious concern about your baby's condition.
  • Firstly Engage with the nurse/ midwife or doctor who is looking after your baby. Tell them your concerns.
  • If your concern is not responded to, or you are worried that your baby is getting worse, Act. Ask to speak to the Nurse/Midwife in Charge and request a 'Clinical Review'. This should occur within 30 minutes.
  • If you are still concerned you can make a Call to the Neonatal Emergency Team by dialling 111 on the ward phone.
  • Help wilI be on its way.


How do I call the emergency team?

We encourage you to first speak with your nurse/midwife, doctor and the Nurse/Midwife in Charge, who may be able to help you resolve your concerns. If you have spoken to the Nurse/ Midwife in Charge and still feel worried, you can Call 111 for a Neonatal Emergency Team on the ward phone.

Tell the operator:
  • Who you are (Parent, Family Member or Carer)
  • That you need a Neonatal REACH call
  • The name of the Ward:
  • The bed number your baby is in


Will I offend staff if I reach out?

No. Staff in this facility support patient and carer involvement. We also encourage you to raise your concerns with us during times of handover between staff shifts. Working together as a team we want to create the best experience for all patients at Westmead Hospital

What does REACH stand for?

Reach diagram

The Letters in REACH will remind you of the steps you can take to be involved in your baby's care
We welcome your feedback as a way of continually improving our service. Please send your feedback to Get Involved.
REACH is an initiative of the Clinical Excellence Commission's Partnering with Patients Program.