For Patients and Carers - Learn how to Manage Stress with Present Moment Awareness

Research supports the many benefits of mindfulness practice for cancer patients which include easing anxiety, stress and pain as well as helping with sleeping problems.

What? You are invited to a free, 4‐week beginner's course aimed at providing patients and carers with an opportunity to explore and experience a variety of mindfulness‐based techniques and to discover new ways to cope with stress and illness. Each session will run for 1.5 hours and will include information, practical instruction and strategies for integrating mindfulness into your everyday life. There is also the opportunity for participants to share experiences and ideas.

Why? By paying more attention to the present moment, you can begin to appreciate what you already have. Mindfulness teaches you how to take control of your life and how to use your inner resources to reduce stress and other unhelpful behaviours and thoughts. In this way you can enhance your health and wellbeing.

Who? This course is run at Westmead Hospital by Clinical Psychologist Suparna Karpe (MA Clinical Psychology, M. Phil, Medical and Social Psychology).

How to Make Contact

To register (or for further queries) please leave your details on the form at the reception desk or contact:

Suparna Karpe on 8890-9539 or you can email her.


Please note registration is essential and the dates of the course may change depending on when we get sufficient numbers.

You will find information on the brochure here.

All courses are held at the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre and Department of Gynaecological Oncology, Westmead.